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‘When I See Her I See Omarion’: Apryl Jones’ TikTok Challenge with Daughter A’mei Gets Derailed When Fans Point Out How the 5-Year-Old Favors Omarion

Apryl Jones‘s latest TikTok video on Saturday, July 31, with her 5-year-old daughter A’mei Grandberry had fans initially seeing double after they realized the strong physical resemblance between the toddler and her father, Omarion. In the initial recording captioned, “My best friend…PERIOD!!!!” the mother-daughter duo participated in the widely popular “Best Friend” challenge. 

The challenge was introduced last year by TikTok user Mayarra. The premise behind Mayarra’s clip was to inform her followers not to “play” with her best friend, who happened to be a snake named Mara. Mayarra also brought up the similarities of the false “eyelashes” they shared as she flaunted Mara.

Apryl Jones and her 5-year-old daughter A’mei Grandberry participate in a TikTok challenge and fans immediately notice how strongly the toddler resembles her father Omarion. Photo:@aprylsjones/Instagram

Jones and A’mei mimicked the video’s plot and sound while seemingly describing their own relationship. A’mei said while gesturing back and forth from Jones, “Y’all see her and y’all see me. When you see her, you see me. When you see me, you see her. Period, don’t play with my best friend. She got her eyelashes. I got on my eyelashes, don’t play with us.” As the pair’s video geared to the end, A’mei reiterated not to play with her. She said, “don’t play with me, period.” 

As Jones’ upload became viral, many people took the video’s plot of “seeing” one person a little too seriously when they insinuated that all they saw in the video was a miniature version of Omarion. One user even brought up how the singer must have irritated Jones throughout her pregnancy because the toddler is his spitting image. 

“She got Omarion whole face!😂😂.”

“When I see her, I see Omarion 😆😆😭😭 looks just like him.”

“That is Omarion in a baby body😩Omarion got on her nerves her WHOLE pregnancy 😂😂😂 that child is a spitting image of him.”

Omarion and A’mei Grandberry Photo:@omarion/Instagram

“Omarion just clones himself I promise.”

This latest comparison between Omarion and the toddler doesn’t make for the first the singer’s strong genes have become a topic of conversation. Earlier this year, the family genes were deemed extremely noticeable by Omarion’s followers after the father of two shared a photo of his daughter, son Megaa, and his younger brother O’Ryan after a hike. He captioned the post, “After a days hike everything has twice it’s value. Look up @0ryan0ryan say Cha-chinngggg.”

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