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‘He Stupid’: ‘LHHH’ Fans Blast Lil Fizz for Romance With Apryl Jones After Band Mate J-Boog Suggests Fizz Is ‘F- – -ing Up the Bag’

It looks like Lil Fizz‘s new relationship with Apryl Jones may be affecting his B2K band-mates more than folks suspected.

After confirming their romance on “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” this season, Fizz and Jones received a mass of backlash for apparently “betraying” Omarion Grandberry. The “Icebox” singer is Fizz’s B2K band-mate and Jones ex-boyfriend, whom she shares two children with.

Although, Grandberry has yet to speak ill against the “Bump Bump Bump” rapper and Jones’ controversial romance, it seems Fizz’s B2K band mates may have an issue with it.

On the latest episode of “LHHH,” singer J-Boog was extremely upset when his band mates refused to participate in a tour overseas. He claimed Fizz and Jones’ relationship was causing tension in the group and resulting in them losing money. He added, “I’m feeling like the Fizz and Apryl situation is really to blame why we’re not going overseas right now. It’s beyond selfish of Fizz to not realize what his actions is doing to the group.”

When Boog confronted Fizz about his love affair with Jones jeopardizing their career, the “Good Lotion” rapper blamed Grandberry for his lack of “communication” while defending his and Jones’ relationship.

Lil Fizz
(from left to right) Apryl Jones, Lil Fizz and J-Boog. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs, @boogiep/Instagram

LHHH” viewers slapped down Fizz’s response and clowned him for seemingly “throwing away” his career for Jones.

“This nigga is really throwing away his bag for a pass around 🤷🏿‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ he stupid! She belong to the streets.”

“Getcho wanna be rappin ass on dat stage for them few lil minutes and getcha money.. Maybe you 2 grown ass men can sit down and have a convo to get some understanding.. So y’all can get dat bag.. before y’all get to old”

“Boog said Fizz is f–king up the bag for Apryl and he ain’t having it 😂. They should do the tour without Fizz tbh”

“Fizz: ayo O, we gotta get this bag I mean I know im smashing your bm but damn we need this bag 😏. He so dumb, forget that broad get the money”

Despite fans’ admonitions about Lil Fizz hurting the group’s revenue stream, he and B2K did actually go on tour with the “Millennium Tour” in March.

Fizz and Jones confirmed their relationship several episodes ago after kissing on national television.

Grandberry, however, made it perfectly clear that the couple’s relationship doesn’t bother him one bit. In a recent interview, he said, “I don’t feel no ways, I don’t feel any way about it. I think that if they’re happy, then they should be happy. I think they should change the narrative, though.”

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