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‘Nothing But Clones In This Picture’: Omarion’s Strong Family Genes Leave Fans Seeing Double

There is no denying that “Ice Box” singer Omarion is just as smitten by his two children as fans are with him. As the singer shares more of his intimate moments as a father, fans can’t seem to help themselves from staring in shock at his strong family genes.

A recent photo posted to social shows the singer flicking it up with his son Megaa, daughter A’mei, and brother O’Ryan after a hike in sunny California. Before fans could swoon over Omarion’s presence, or his children’s adorable faces, they were forced to do a double-take.

Omarion has fans doing a double-take after seeing how much his children and brother, O’Ryan, resemble him. (Photo: @omarion/Instagram)

“How Many Omarions are in this Picture 👀👀👀,” commented one person which then prompted a string of comical responses.

“Nothings but clones in this picture. Genes is so strong..and beautiful”

“If the other brother was in it it’ll be too much to count”

“3 and a omariah 😂”

At the start of the millennium, fans were introduced to Omarion when he, Raz B, and “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” stars Lil Fizz and J-Boog hit the scene as the chart-topping R&B group B2K. Riding the high of pop stardom, Omarion danced into the hearts of swooning teens and grown women, tested out his acting chops, and ventured into a successful solo career.

After a hiatus during the mid-2000s, he resurfaced alongside longtime girlfriend Apryl Jones to join the cast of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” in 2014. His reality television stint was short-lived, but it helped place him back in the spotlight, which he used to drop the smash hit “Pose to Be” with singers Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko, who shares a 12-year-old daughter with O’Ryan.

Since splitting from his longtime girlfriend and mother of his children, Omarion has seemingly dedicated his energy to improving his overall health, creating new music, and keeping his dance skills sharp. But a scroll through his social media proves fans are just as interested in the singer as they are his zen children posing for photos and dancing.

“This pic just screams ‘Good Energy!’..yall so zen. Megzz is THE Mood,” a fan wrote.

“Megaa with his daddy signature pose!!”

“Baby girl is so pretty! Kudos to O & papa raising the young prince/princess to be kings/queens.”

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