‘Don’t Try Me’: Tamar Braxton Slams Accusations of Getting Work Done After Showcasing Her Red-Hot New Look

Tamar Braxton debunked surgery allegations on Tuesday, July 20, after the 44-year-old debuted a new look on Instagram while sporting a red two-piece ensemble. In the initial clip, captioned “You see this señorita with the flower in her hair✨❤️ #extraordinarytamar🙏🏼🌟,” the singer is seen smizing as the unidentified cameraperson slightly pans the lens downward to give fans a view of Braxton’s red-hot look.

Although it is unclear if and when the allegations occurred, Braxton took to her Twitter account to squash those claims.

Tamar Braxton slammed surgery allegations after she displayed a new look wearing a red two-piece. Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram

The “Love and War” vocalist said as she pointed out her youthful appearance stems from family genes, “Ok….so… everyone don’t have to get work done to change [their] appearance to stay looking young and fresh..Don’t try me… look at my mother and sisters… I got the genes and you will DEAL.. #stayunderconstruction.”

Braxton followed that tweet by posting with the same video shared earlier in the day on her Instagram account, with the caption, “… & that’s that on that #ExtraordinaryTamar.”

As the former reality star’s tweet circulated on social media, many people didn’t buy Braxton’s “genes” story. A handful of them accused her of lying. One user tried to vouch for the mother of one by insinuating that when Braxton wrote the initial tweet, she meant to say she didn’t get any “bodywork” done.

“One thing about Tamar she going to lie 😢😂😂.”

“Tamar, we saw your pictures from back in the day. You got a new face, boo.”

“She’s referring to like.. bodywork right? Cause..”

“Maybe Genes is the name of their surgeon.”

“So she’s never had any cosmetic surgery? Ever?”

Earlier this year, Braxton captivated her fans by showing her snatched body on Instagram in order to commemorate her month-long birthday celebration. In the March 3 post, Braxton is seen wearing a two-piece black swimsuit donned with braids. 

Braxton captioned the recording, “I’m grey.. but I’m GREAT I’m not broke.. but I’m not rich as I’m gonna to be I’m not perfect.. but I’m under construction… I’m not tired… I’m ready.. and I’ve been working on myself as soon as someone made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. ( that was my trigger& motivation) I worked every day until that wasn’t even a thought.”

She added, “It took me to be uncomfortable to change.. I find my strength in the uncomfortable space.. I now challenge myself to prove my mind wrong.. we become stronger that way, together as a union,” she said before talking more about her podcast, “Under Construction.”

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