‘She Is Snatched’: Tamar Braxton Uploads Video Flaunting Her Body In a Swimsuit, and Fans Love It

It’s Tamar Braxton’s birthday month, and it looks like the close arrival of her special day has been putting her in high spirits. For the past few days she’s been posting herself a bit more and even showing off her body. On March 3, she uploaded a video showing her rocking braids and a two-piece black swimsuit.

In the video, she appears to be standing in a pool filming herself and panning the camera down her body so fans can see what she’s working with. Instead of addressing what was going on in the video, Braxton decided to use the space in her caption to encourage her fans by updating them on the status of her life.

Tamar Braxton getting glammed up. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

“I’m grey.. but I’m GREAT‼️ I’m not broke.. but I’m not rich as I’m gonna to be😉I’m not perfect.. but I’m under construction… I’m not tired… I’m ready😊.. and I’ve been working on myself as soon as someone made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. ( that was my trigger& motivation) I worked every day until that wasn’t even a thought. It took me to be uncomfortable to change.. I find my strength in the uncomfortable space.. I now challenge myself to prove my mind wrong.. we become stronger that way, together as a union💁🏽‍♀️,” she said before talking more about her podcast “Under Construction.”

Tamar Braxton on vacation. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

While some fans showed their appreciation for her caption, many others put the spotlight on her “Body oddy oddy, fabulous darling,” and another person said “She is snatched.” Someone else commented, “yessss and you look amazing,” while someone else said, “Well kill it then! ❤️”

Braxton’s birthday is on March 17, and it’s not quite clear what her plans are, but it looks like she’s getting started early, according to her Instagram Story. So far she has posted several swimsuit videos and a few of herself aboard a boat. It looks like she might be vacationing somewhere, but she has yet to disclose her location.

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