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‘Women Supporting Each Other’: Fans Praise Toya Johnson and Lauren London for Showing Love to Nivea After She Makes Shocking Revelation About Relationship with Lil Wayne

Fans applauded Lauren London and Toya Johnson after the pair showed love and support to Nivea following her tell-all interview with Kandi Burruss on July 12.  

In Monday’s episode of Burruss’ YouTube show “On That Note,” Nivea recounted intimate moments stemming from her music career, past substance abuse, motherhood, and former relationships with her ex-fiancé Lil Wayne and ex-husband The Dream

Nivea promotes her new interview with Kandi Burruss on Instagram in which she talks about her life in the music industry, her past romantic relationships including the rapper Lil Wayne and her past struggles. @thisisnivea/Instagram

Following the episode’s posting, the 39-year-old took to her official Instagram page to share a teaser of the candid discussion. In the clip, the viewers see highlight moments of Nivea’s career and past interviews. At the same time, the “Okay” vocalist recounts a violent relationship with an unidentified partner.  

The mother of four disclosed that the sole reason why she publicly shared her past struggles was because she wanted to “inspire” everyone. She said, “I only share to inspire…Each and every one of us are WORTHY, VALUABLE, & CAPABLE of overcoming ANYTHING!!!”

After Nivea’s initial post, London and Johnson expressed how proud they were of her. The “ATL” star wrote, “Love you. You are pure magic and strength 🦋💙.” While Johnson said, “Great interview. So proud of you.❤️.”

Lauren London and Toya Johnson send love to Nivea as she promotes her new interview with Kandi Burruss. @thisisnivea/Instagram

As London and Johnson’s comments alongside Nivea’s clip became viral following its circulation on social media blogs, many people pointed out how strong the three women’s bond is despite sharing a past relationship and children with Lil Wayne. Johnson was formerly married to the rapper from 2004 to 2006, and they share a daughter, 22-year-old Reginae Carter.

London and Nivea had previous relationships with Lil Wayne in the past before both women later reconnected with the rapper and became pregnant at the same time. The actress has a son named Kameron Carter, 11, and Nivea has a son named Neal, also 11 years old.

“The fact that these beautiful ‘black woman’ came together regardless of anything is pure black girl magic.”

“Wayne has the best mothers of his children❤️ beautiful seeing women supporting each other.”

“Because they are grown women and their kids are siblings. They have a great support system in each other. ❤️ They always have been super supportive of each other.”

“I love black women especially when we come together and support each other ❤️.”

In the interview, Nivea shared how she and London developed a close friendship despite the chaos surrounding the two women’s relationship with the rapper. The singer began dating Lil Wayne in 2002 and became engaged a year later. The former couple ultimately broke up following his marriage to Johnson. London and Lil Wayne had an ongoing on-and-off relationship since she was 15 years old.

Nivea revealed on mark 49:47 that once she and Lil Wayne had gotten back together in 2007 following her divorce from The Dream, a short time later, she became pregnant, and that is when he revealed London was also expecting at the same time. She described to Burruss what that moment was like.

“Once we got back together, I found out that I was pregnant and he told me, ‘sit down,’ and told me Lauren London was pregnant,” Nivea said. “And so I was like, even through all of this, I was trying to because I believed he loved me and I loved him, and it just got to a point where I got everybody on the phone, chile, for the first time.”

She added, “But then, ironically, Lauren and I became like sisters. She really helped me through my pregnancy We really leaned on each other, sharing old stories. … Because we felt like who else can we talk to, everybody laughing at us. … And we have a history with him in our younger years. So it was connecting in many different ways. It was surreal.”

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