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‘I’ve Been to Jail Every Year Since I Was 14’: Tommie Lee Fires Back at Critics Who Shaded Her for Celebrating Her Two Years of Freedom

Tommie Lee clapped back at critics on July 5 after the former reality star celebrated her freedom by reminiscing about her time in and out of jail, which she said began when she was 14 years old. 

Lee’s commemoration video comes two years following the former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star’s release from jail after violating her bond — stemming from her child cruelty charge — by showing up to the court hearing intoxicated. Lee’s initial child cruelty charge occurred in October 2018 after a physical altercation with her younger daughter at a middle school which resulted in Lee allegedly slamming her child’s head into a locker. She was ultimately charged with felony aggravated assault, simple battery, first-degree child cruelty, and disruption of public schools.

Tommie Lee celebrates her two-year freedom from jail by recalling the past moments she went to the slammer, which she says all started began when she was 14. (Photo: @tommie_/Instagram)

In the clip, the 37-year-old said while shouting out her haters and supporters,”This is year number two, since I have not gotten in any mother f–king trouble. It’s a big deal for me.I’ve been going to jail every year since I was 14 years old. This is year number two. Shout out to my DA who said I wouldn’t f–king make it, and shout out to everyone who has been rooting for me, I appreciate y’all. And guess what I’m feeling like a billion dollars today. “

Immediately following that post, Lee took to her Instagram Story to explain why she openly embraced her journey despite receiving backlash for it. She wrote: “I wouldn’t give [AF] if I was 89 yrs old. I’m not 40, not close and yes, I am proud of the fact I haven’t been any bulls–t in last two years. Yall always something negative….But when I’m in s–t, ‘I need to grow up, I’m [too] old for this or that. Now I’m not in s–t ‘oh she shouldn’t be proud of that’ smh. I’m s glad I don’t live off you mf’s opinions. “

Tommie Lee claps back at those who criticized her for celebrating her two-year freedom from jail after revealing she has been in and out of the slammer since she was 14. @tommie_/Instagram

Lee added that although she may have a bad temper, she is incredibly grateful not to have the same mindset she had years earlir. 

“I have a really bad temper with zero understanding and [it] feels good to not be in that headspace anymore simple! I was told I wouldn’t be able to accomplish one month of freedom without going back so yea this is me [s–ing] on that narrative! While y’all proud of ya 9-5s, Totoya Camrys and new apps at yall grown age. [I’m] proud of my personal growth and the state of my mental health right now!”

Lee, who has reportedly over 30 mugshots, has been arrested over the years for crimes such as DUI, aggravated assault, battery and child cruelty, aggravated stalking, and obstruction of an officer. Lee also revealed in the past that many of her arrests stemmed from violating probation.

As many fans began viewing Lee’s video and her response to the critics, the majority of them commended the star for remaining out of trouble. Others questioned why there were any naysayers to begin with. 

“Girl ALL accomplishments should be celebrated. Don’t let these people distract you. Vibe higher 💗✨.”

“If ppl can celebrate getting out of jail, let her celebrate not going. 😂.”

“I’m proud of her regardless of what anyone has to say❤️.”

“How y’all gone be mad at somebody celebrating themselves for making progress? 🤷🏽‍♂️ lol The world is strange.”

“She said what she said. Allow people to celebrate personal growth in peace 👏.”

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