‘LMAO Heavenly Is FrFr Funny AF’: ‘M2M’ Star Dr. Heavenly Advises ‘RHOA’ Newbie Drew Sidora to Listen to ‘City Girls’ When Looking for Ways to Spice Things Up In the Bedroom

Dr. Heavenly Kimes outing with her “Bravo sister” Drew Sidora from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on Feb. 4 turned into a comedic therapy session when Sidora asked for ways to spice things up with her husband of almost seven years, Ralph Pittman Jr. The “Married to Medicine” star suggested picking up some tricks from the rap group City Girls

The video, captioned “@drewsidora had a relationship question for #DrHeavenly,” starts with the pair joking around before tackling the serious question. Kimes — who runs a Youtube channel named Dr. Heavenly, covering a range of topics and including advice segments — asked the “Step Up” actress, “Drew, you need some relationship advice from Dr. Heavenly? What’s your question?” Sidora told the reality star while recognizing the “M2M” alum’s 23 years of marriage, “I just wanna know how you keep it spicy, 23 years with three kids. Cause, for instance, last night I was sleepy.” 

Drew Sidora and Dr. Heavenly Kimes talk relationship advice in new video. Photo:@drewsidora @drheavenlykimes/Instagram

When the dentist noticed the actress’s question was becoming long-winded, she abruptly interrupted her by saying she is on limited time, “B—h your question too long. This Dr. Heavenly thing you ask one question and then damn it I answer. We ain’t got but 30 seconds.”

The mother of three reiterated the same response, but condensed it by simply asking how to liven things up sexually with a spouse. 

Kimes, a Miami native, instructed her to listen to any City Girls song and imitate their moves. “It’s all about mental, okay. Listen to the City Girl song ‘I’m from Miami’ that will tell you how to keep it spicy, and I do exactly what they do, okay. That’s it.”

To which Sidora physically bent over in a twerking stance and replied, “Oh you bend it over like.”

Fans expressed how entertained they were by Dr. Heavenly.

“Dr. Heavenly is one of those people you love or hate cuz she got a lot of personalities. She is so hilarious to me 🤷🏾‍♂️😂.”

“Love Dr. Heavenly ❤️😂.”

“LMFAOOOO Heavenly Is Frfr Funny Af 😂😂😂.”

“I love Heavenly she be real with it all the time. Love Drew too 😂.”

“Dr. Heavenly cracks me up 😂😂😂.”

Drew Sidora posts nude photo inspired by recent post (right) of Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union. Photo:@drewsidora @dwyanewade/Instagram

Hours later, both ladies shared a photo to commemorate their day out together. Kimes initially posted the snapshot first with the caption, “Hanging with my Bravo Sister.” Sidora followed suit by uploading the same pic. She wrote, “Yes!!! @dr_heavenly lunch was amazing but your advice was even better ✨ #bravosister.”

“The Game” star made headlines a couple of weeks ago for posting a steamy bathroom snapshot with her husband as he stood behind her, in view over her shoulder and covering below his waist. The post was inspired by Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, who previously shared a similar photo in honor of the former NBA player’s 39th birthday.

Wade, who appreciated the gesture, responded “I Love It,” in Sidora’s comments, while the 35-year-old thanked him for inspiration. “Thanks, bro! You and @gabunion inspired us.”

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