‘Have Several Seats’: Eva Marcille Supports Her ‘Good Friend’ Michael Costello After Black Women Speak Up About Mistreatment They Allegedly Suffered from the Designer

Eva Marcille‘s support for her “good friend” Michael Costello on June 17 rubbed fans the wrong way after the fashion designer was accused this week of bullying black women. Costello faced massive backlash after he called out Chrissy Teigen in hopes of getting an apology from her for trying to blackball him years ago over an alleged Photoshopped Instagram comment that involved a racial slur.  

Marcille, who shared a throwback photo of Costello with her cousin Terrell Mullin, claimed that despite the public scrutiny Costello might be facing, she will always be loyal to him because she knows his heart. 

Eva Marcille defends friend and fashion designer Michael Costello, who is being accused of bullying and mistreating black women over the years. @evamarcille/Instagram

The mother of three wrote in a lengthy post while turning off her comment section, “#throwbackthursdaywith my Love #michaelcostello and my Cuzzo @terrellmullin 🌻 I am not here for the cancel culture, but I am here for loyalty in those that have supported you and loved on you no matter what.”

She added, “I know my friend Michael I know who he is I know his heart and #MichaelCostello is my GOOD FRIEND. Don’t let a headline or an out-of-context Message allow you to be judge someone’s intention as if we are a God or furthermore Cancel someone as if they are not a person. Loyal 10 toes down, Michael you’re my baby. 🌻.”

Costello’s allegations toward Teigen immediately followed after the model returned to social media on June 14 to address her past cyberbullying behavior against Courtney Stodden and many others. Costello then began catching flak after singer Leona Lewis shared that the fashion designer embarrassed her at a 2014 charity event and left her with body insecurities. Another person who opened up about their past experience with Costello was a black fashion designer named Maxie James. James said during an interview that she was the one Costello called “a n–r” in the initial Instagram comment that he was allegedly being blackballed for and claimed that his team tried to spin it in his favor by saying it was photoshopped.

Marcille’s “loyalty” upload to Costello was met with criticism by a multitude of people. Many expressed how they weren’t surprised by her stance. One Instagram user went as far as to say that they weren’t shocked because of the former controversy Marcille faced which included being a colorist stemming from her using the term “nappy-headed” to describe her former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars.

“Of course it would be her 😒.”

“Are we surprised?”

“The same chick calling the housewives “nappy headed” 🙄.”

“Girl bye just cause you didn’t experience that with him doesn’t mean others haven’t ! Have several seats!”

After Costello’s long week of being dragged on social media, he took to his Instagram page on June 16 to thank the many people who have supported him during his trying time. He said: “Dear friends and followers, thank you so much for those of you who have wished me love, peace, and positivity. I do not have the mental capacity to respond to everyone, but I have read all of your messages and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and concerns about me. I’ve seen a few of my loved ones defend my character on social media but I want to let you know that while I appreciate your efforts, you don’t have to continue to do so. My heart is at peace. I am not going to address any more issues in regards to false statements.”

He also expressed that although he became a target after speaking up, he doesn’t regret it because he wanted to set himself “free from being bullied and blacklisted by the powers that control Hollywood and high fashion.”

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