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‘Omg I Thought This Was Lizzie Mcguire’: Tia Mowry’s New Look Has Fans Convinced the Star Favors Actress Hilary Duff

Tia Mowry‘s love for lighter and bolder looks left fans mistaking the actress for child star Hillary Duff on Sunday, June 13, after the “Sister, Sister” alum flaunted her short blonde mane complemented with bangs. Mowry found herself in a similar situation last month when fans confused her for fashion designer Nicole Richie as she first initially debuted her blonde locks.

Hilary Duff is best known for her starring role on Disney Channel’s comedy “Lizzie Mcguire.” The series, which ran from 2001 to 2004, follows Duff’s character Lizzie as she goes through her daily adventures of life as an adolescent teen, with her thoughts and emotions being expressed by her animated alter ego.

Tia Mowry’s short blonde locks with dramatic bangs left fans confusing the actress with child star Hilary Duff. Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

Mowry, who shared three photos showcasing her latest hairdo, informed her followers that the blonde hair has returned. She wrote, “She’s back!! You can call me #blondie #hairstyles #fun.”

Although there is no particular reason behind why people claimed Mowry looked like Duff, many can assume it is from the pair’s similar hair color and Instagram user’s quick glances at the 42-year-old’s images. 

“I thought this was Hilary Duff at first glance 😍😍 this is cute ❤️❤️❤️🔥.”

“Omg I thought this was Lizzie Mcguire.”

(L-R): Tia Mowry and Hilary Duff Photo:@tiamowry @hilaryduff/Instagram

“Looking like Hilary Duff.”

“Chile i thought she was Hillary Duff with a tan😩.”

“👀 Hilary Duff?”

Despite a multitude of people stating Mowry favored Duff, a couple mentioned how they loved the mother of two’s “versatility” when it comes to her hairstyles. One wrote, “It’s the constant switch-ups and ALWAYS nailing it!!😍😍😍.” Another said, “Gorgeous Tia 😍😍😍 you’re aging fine as wine and I love your versatility so beautiful.”

Days before, Mowry displayed how her “versatility” in protective hairstyles such as wigs and braids have a contributing factor to her natural hair growth. On June 10, the “Family Reunion” star uploaded a gallery of the different stages of her hair following the pixie cut she did over a year ago. 

Mowry captioned the hair “growth” gallery, which she shared in honor of throwback Thursday, “#TBT How it started VS How it’s going! I chopped my hair off at the beginning of #2020! Rocked a #froSWIPE to see the growth! #curls#natural#naturalhair .”

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