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‘Mrs. Afro Queen’: Tia Mowry Shares a Natural Hair Growth Update Following Her Pixie Cut, Fans Rejoice Over the Results

Tia Mowry updated her fans on the progress of her natural hair journey on June 10 by posting a gallery of the different stages of her Afro since the pixie cut she did over a year ago. 

Mowry initially debuted her pixie via Instagram on Jan. 31, 2020, after declaring the sole reason behind the new look was because “it was time.” Fast-forward to a year and five months later, and the actress uploaded the initial big chop photo alongside three other images, including a snapshot that was initially shared in April 2020, almost three months following her pixie cut. 

Tia Mowry shares the course of her natural hair journey a year and five months after the actress cut her hair into a pixie cut. @tiamowry/Instagram

The mother of two captioned the hair “growth” gallery, which she shared in honor of throwback Thursday, an internet trend where social media platform users post a nostalgic upload. “#TBT How it started VS How it’s going! I chopped my hair off at the beginning of #2020! Rocked a #froSWIPE to see the growth! #curls#natural#naturalhair 🙌🏽.”

Upon viewing Mowry’s journey, many fans praised the 42-year-old for her what they deemed was a rapid hair growth transition. 

“YES QUEEN!!! you look amazing, love the natural hair on you❤️.”

“It’s the 3rd photo for me Mrs. Afro Queen. 😊It’s so full, healthy and gorgeous. 🙌🏾❤️.”

“Love the natural curls, you look amazing.”

“Those curls 😍😍😍😍.”

An Instagram user brought up how it saddened them to see Mowry and her twin sister Tamera straighten their hair in the later seasons of “Sister, Sister” but complimented her curls. They said, “Not that it matters. But I was kinda sad when you & Tamara straightened your hair in Sister, Sister lol. I love the curls!!”

Earlier this year, Mowry addressed the age-old question of why she, and her sister Tamera, changed their appearance by straightening their curly manes in the ’90s while starring on “Sister, Sister.” The “Family Reunion” star revealed during an interview with ELLE magazine that she felt immense pressure when encouraged by executives to tame her natural hair in order to fit societal standards of beauty. 

She said, “When I straightened my hair, it damaged my hair, and it damaged my natural curls. Again, there were those insecurities. In this business, if I had my hair curly, I was told, ‘Can you pull that back?’ On auditions, I was told, ‘It’s distracting.'”

Mowry added, “You could see that when we became teenagers in the show, we ended up straightening our hair. It was such a pivotal moment in the series because it was also a reflection of what was being pushed as ‘beautiful’ in society.” 

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