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‘This Always Happens’: Yandy Smith Says Mendeecees Harris Has a Problem with the Attention She Expects from Him

The popular phrase people have carried over the years about marriage is “happy wife, happy life,” but it looks like, according to Yandy Smith-Harris and Mendeecees Harris’ marriage, it’s the husband that may be a little upset.

In the latest episode of VH1’s “Couples Retreat,” the “Love and Hip Hop” pair showed they each have some things they still need to sort out and work on. In one scene, they had their final coaching session with life coach AJ Johnson, and what started off as the two laughing ended with Mendeecees walking away.

Yandy Smith-Harris and Mendeecees Harris have a disagreement on “Couples Retreat.” (Photo: @yandysmith/Instagram)

Yandy first started by praising Mendeecees for going “above and beyond” with the little things, such as holding the door. Yandy revealed that while holding the door, he also holds her hand and escorts her in. Mendeecees at first jokingly began by saying that sometimes he holds the door for Yandy for what he considers a long period of time. But the temperature of the conversation got steamed when he said, “Don’t take advantage because I’m right here. She knows. We’ve been together for a while, she knows it’s not my thing.”

AJ took that opportunity to dive a little deeper into the conversation, turning their attention to the growth of Yandy’s success since Mendeecees was incarcerated for four years on drug trafficking charges. He admitted her career has grown and even said, “I’m proud of her.” However, AJ said she believes Mendeecees was just saying he was happy about it but his behavior did not reflect that.

She added, “But what can’t keep happening, and I hope you agree, is that Yandy feel unsupported by the number one fan that makes the difference in the world. It can’t feel great that you weren’t there to participate when you were incarcerated.” Mendeecees replied by saying he felt AJ was “absolutely wrong.” Adding her opinion, Yandy said, “There’s something I feel like in Mendeecees where if he builds me up too much, he’ll think like I’m too big-headed. And then I won’t want to be with him and then I’ll leave.”

Mendeecees denied that that was the case and eventually walked out when he felt AJ and Yandy were double-teaming him. According to the clip, he came back out 15 minutes later, and AJ shared that she believed Yandy and Mendeecees wanted the same thing, ironically, which was “consideration.”

AJ suggested the two work on giving each other “a lot more consideration mutually, patience, and communication.”

Fans reacted to Yandy and Mendeecees’ dispute. “I can’t stand when someone shuts down with ‘this is dumb’. Learn how to communicate effectively,” said one viewer. Another wrote, “mendeecess need to sit down with pappoose.” Papoose is their co-star on “Love and Hip Hop” and is married to rapper Remy Ma. The couple grew fame not only because of their success in the music industry but also because Remy Ma was sentenced to six years in prison, and Papoose stayed by her side during her incarceration.

Last month Mendeecees and Yandy took a trip to Dubai, where they celebrated six years of marriage. They also took the two children they have together, Skylar and Omere, their adopted daughter Infinity, as well as Mendeecees’s two oldest children from previous relationships, Mendeecees Jr. and Aasim.

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