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‘She’s Gotten So Big’: Gabrielle Union Sheds ‘Some Thug Tears’ After Her Daughter Kaavia James Attended Her First Day of Soccer Practice, Fans Gush Over How Fast Shady Baby Is Aging

Gabrielle Union had fans wanting to stop time on Tuesday, May 25, after the actress disclosed — through photos of her daughter dressed in uniform — that 2-year-old Kaavia James was on her way to soccer practice. Union, who posed alongside her daughter, informed her followers in the caption that she would be updating them on how it went on James’ first day at practice. The actress wrote, “1st day of soccer practice and I CANNOT take it!!! She didn’t wanna put on her cleats but I’m hopeful that will change when she sees her friends. Trust and believe there will be updates. ⚽️👶🏾⚽️.”

The following day Union posted a video of her and James getting ready for practice by chanting affirmations. The toddler is seen responding and repeating the terms Union and the unidentified camerawoman said in the recording. James initially shouted, “Bring it!” along with Union while looking away from the camera. When the unnamed woman asked her if she was “ready” for practice and “strong,” the toddler replied “yep.” The clip then transitioned to James playing on the field with other children as she showcased her skills. The video ended with James and Union running around the area after James aka “Shady Baby” scored a goal.

Gabrielle Union shocked fans through images showing how much her daughter Kaavia James has grown. The actress shared that Kaavia was attending her first soccer practice. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

Union captioned the post, “I might’ve shed some thug tears 😭 😭😭😭1st soccer practice in the books!! ⚽️🏟⚽️.” Upon viewing the adorable recording many Instagram users commented how quickly James has grown before their very eyes. 

“Look at Her. She is growing up!❤️❤️

“Already? time needs to slow down”

“Aww she’s gotten so big.”

“When did she get this big? Enjoy these precious moments💓.”

James initially showed interest in soccer back in March after Union uploaded a video of her, the toddler, and Dwyane Wade playing in the backyard. The “L.A.’s Finest” star, who at the time, appeared to notice James’s skills ensured her fans that she would help nurture her craft by getting her some cleats. She said in the caption, “Looks like it’s time to buy her some cleats!”

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