‘Skillz’: Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, and Daughter Kaavia Show Off Their Fancy Footwork

It looks like Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade may have another sports star in the family! The actress and her retired NBA baller husband enjoyed some fun and fresh air in their backyard while kicking around a soccer ball with their two-year-old daughter Kaavia James Wade, who impressed fans with her budding athletic skill.

Union appeared to recognize her baby girl’s talent as well and let fans know it’s time to nurture little Kaavia’s interest. “Looks like it’s time to buy her some cleats ⚽️🥅 !” she captioned the post, which was viewed over one million times and received more than 181,300 likes.

(L-R): Dwyane Wade, Kaavia James Gabrielle Union. Photo: @gabunion/Instagram

In the video, Kaavia starts out sprawled on the ground before her dad punts the ball past her and she springs into action while Union cheers her on in the background. It doesn’t take long before the “L.A.’s Finest” actress gets in on the fun and flaunts some of her own skills while playing with her family.

Union has granted fans access to Kaavia’s growth through social media, which means receiving both positive and negative feedback from the public. Comments about her toddler’s hair appearing unkempt in photos have sparked recent conversation, however, Union isn’t here to impress fans. She’s here to be a real mom and is focused on her daughter’s health and happiness.

“I try not to obsess over Zaya and Kaav’s hair. Kaav swims every day, so even when her hair is done in the morning, she swims,” she said during an interview with MadameNoire. So it’s not going to be picture perfect or whatever people feel that means. I’m human. I see comments where they’re like, ‘That child’s hair is never done.’ And it is done, I just don’t chase her around making sure that we document her looking super, super done every single day. You’ll see her like that on occasion. But regular, Kaav is going to run around here during a pandemic after swim class and it’s going to be what it is. You’ll see her natural curls. You’ll also see that they’re going to be moisturized. That’s more of what I care about, hair health, not the style.”

The “Being Mary Jane” actress’ no-longer-hidden soccer talents didn’t go unnoticed by fans who praised both her and Kaav for their fancy footwork.

“Mommy got skillzzzz”

“Her ball control is amazing for her age! She has it Honest tho! 🙌🏾”

“She’s good with the ball. Wow!! Future world cup champion”

“Let’s Go Kav bend it like Beckham ⚽️😍❤️”

“Oh snap! @gabunion can play some soccer!!! I just fell in love with you even more 😍”

Union may no longer be a sports wife, but between Kaavia’s swimming and soccer skills, she may need to get her sports mom hat ready.

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