‘Would You Have Said It to One of the White Women?’: Garcelle Beauvais Calls Out ‘RHOBH’ Co-Star Kyle Richards Over Her Shocking Allegation Against the Actress

Garcelle Beauvais confronted Kyle Richards on Wednesday, May 26, during a recent episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” about Richards’ previous claims of the actress not paying a $5,000 donation to a charity.

Richards initially called out Beauvais during the season 10 reunion of “RHOBH” for not paying the bid she made at the “Halloween Kills” star’s party for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Beauvais, who was stunned by the accusations at the time, revealed on Instagram that the delayed payment was an honest mistake related to her constant traveling and that she has since paid the balance. 

Garcelle Beauvais calls out her “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” co-star Kyle Richards for accusing her of not paying her $5,000 charity donation. Photo:@garcelle @kylerichards18/Instagram

“The Real” co-host and Richards revisited the issue while at lunch as they hashed out their ongoing feud. Beauvais said as Richards showed interest in rekindling their friendship, “We can let that go if we can fast-forward to you calling me out about not paying with the charity — cut me to the core.” 

Richards then explained that at the time of the payment process, someone else was in charge. Beauvais added that the particular person who sent the information regarding the payment forwarded it to an address that the actress hasn’t lived at for “years.” 

After clearing the confusion, Richards expressed how good of a person Beauvais was for promptly taking care of the issue when brought to her attention. “I know you’re a good person. You took care of it right away after that. If we had been getting along, fine, I never would have said anything.”

Following Richards’s response, Beauvais questioned her co-star over whether she would’ve reacted in the same manner if it were her white counterparts. She also explained that Richards’ actions during the reunion had racial undertones given the past stereotypes of Black people not paying their bills. 

She said, “Would you have said it to one of the white women? I feel like it was weaponized toward me being a black woman…There’s stereotypes that people think we don’t pay for our rent, that we don’t tip. You saying I didn’t pay, that’s why it hurts so much.” 

When a shocked Richards said she doesn’t have any issues with Beauvais and explained that she hadn’t thought of that underlying meaning, the actress pointed out that Richards wouldn’t have to because it’s not her reality.

The conversation ended with Richards offering Beauvais an apology and thanking her for sharing her past experiences. Richards’s said, “I totally understand that and for that, I apologize. I wasn’t thinking of it like that at all. I appreciate you sharing that with me, I do. I really do.”

Many people expressed how they admired Beauvais for calling out her co-star as some threw shots at Richards. 

“Garcelle gone hold these women accountable classy.”

“Garcelle ain’t never scared!! She be gathering these heifers right to their faces and she never trips over her words, like girl yes I just said that! what you gonna do?😂😂.”

“Cuz what we not gone do is try to make Garcelle look like the broke black girl.”

“That was a microaggression on Kyle’s part, she knew what she was doing by saving that info about Garcelle to throw in her face to make her look “broke.”

“How Kyle did it at the reunion was beyond tacky. Why wait that long to ask Garcelle about that. Kyle goal was to embarrass the black woman. B–h please‼️‼️‼️”

Beauvais’ initial interaction with Richards comes a day after the actress questioned “Housewives” executive producer Andy Cohen about why there is a long wait to move toward diversifying the “Housewives” franchise. Cohen revealed on Beauvais’ podcast “Going to Bed with Garcelle,” “I think part of the thing is, I think that it was a bad cycle because then the longer you waited the more you wanted to get it absolutely perfect when you did cast a woman of color. You wanted that person to succeed.”

He added, “But the true answer is there is no excuse. It’s bad and there is not an excuse, and so I could spitball here and try to come up with twenty, but it sucks and there’s no excuse.”

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