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‘Fifty Gonna Have a Field Day’: Vivica A. Fox Reveals 50 Cent Was the Love of Her Life and Hints She Would Rekindle Things If Given the Opportunity

Vivica A. Fox had fans thinking it was the early 2000s all over again when the actress shared intimate details about her former relationship with rapper and mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson on Tuesday, May 25, during an interview with Vlad TV. The former couple began dating in 2003, and their brief love affair fizzled out the following year.  

In the interview, Fox disclosed how the pair initially met, which occurred after the rapper shouted her out — while accepting an award — for wearing a dress he admired. Although the actress claimed in the interview they met at the Soul Train Music Awards, that particular incident happened at the 2003 BET Music Awards after 50 received the Best New Artist award. 

Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent Photo:@msvfox @50cent/Instagram

She said, “We met after he said the thing [on] the Soul Train Music Awards, [He said] ‘I want to thank Vivica Fox for wearing that dress.’ Which I was shocked… I was kind of like ‘wow.’ “

Following that incident, Fox and 50 immediately got into contact after his people reached out to hers. The 56-year-old also shared that although their time together was brief, she mentioned how she loved him because of his generosity early on in the relationship and not his public persona of 50 Cent.

“Then after that, his people got in touch with my people next thing I know we were on the phone and my birthday was coming up… For my birthday, he filled my entire house with my favorite flowers, which are Casablancas and gardenias. Literally, a van pulled up with flowers, they kept bringing the stuff, and I was like more… So he’s very generous and very kind and a gentleman.”

Toward the end of the interview, the “Queens with Cocktails” co-host revealed that the “main thing” that ruined their relationship was the immediate public outing of their love affair. The former couple made their first red carpet appearance during the 2003 Video Music Awards shortly after they got together. 

“The main thing that killed the relationship was we just went way too public, way too fast. The love that I had for him and still to this day will always like; he was the love of my life. I will admit that without any reservations.” 

Fox’s closing statements were nothing but complimentary toward 50 and repeated sentiments of how not having a private relationship ruined the possibility of them having a solid foundation. “He will always have a special place in my heart. But the reason why the relationship ended was because we went public way too fast, had way too many people in our business. If I was to have a chance to do it over it would be that we’d stay private a lot longer. But we got too many people in our business and you know that’s what killed the relationship. Unfortunately, because I really loved him.” 

Fox’s recent remarks about her ex set a different tone in the former couple’s hostile relationship. Following their 2004 breakup, 50 and the actress had an ongoing feud for years. Their last interaction occurred in 2018 after Fox claimed during an interview that she would usually “initiate” sex when they were dating. Upon hearing the news, the rapper screenshotted the story from “The New York Daily News” and wrote in a deleted post, “I’m waking up to this s–t, that was 14 years ago. Smh, who does this? What the f–k!”

Since that debacle, the former couple hasn’t had any public issues with each other. 50 Cent is currently dating model and aspiring lawyer Jamira “Cuban Link” Haines and Fox has had a relatively private dating life, so it is unclear if the actress is seeing anyone.

After Fox’s interview started making rounds on social media, Haines left a shady response, “aww 🎻🥰,” she wrote.

Many fans expressed how the actress should stop talking about her past. Some insinuated that the rapper will be releasing a comment, although 50 hasn’t responded yet.

“She spilling her heart out and 50 gonna clown her in 5,4,3,2,1……..”

“Fifty gonna have a field day.”

“I understand this, but my love, stop saying this out loud. Him and his new girl are laughing at you.”

“LMAOO wow he must really have the magic stick. 😂😂😂😂 It’s been 20 years Sis. 🥴😂.”

“She needs to let it go…. he happy and content she should do the same 🥴😭”

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