50 Cent Has Had a Change of Heart About Vivica Fox’s New Book That Talks About Their Sex Life

Vivica Fox admitted in a new interview with “Build” that 50 Cent is “still the love of her life.” The actress, producer now author, shared the details while promoting her new book “Everyday I’m Hustling.”

She continued, ” In my heart I always still loved him. I will always have a special place in my heart for him.” Fox said she wrote the book to talk about her life and address a lot of the misconceptions about her public relationship with 50 after last years dust-up between the former lovers.

Fox claimed she didn’t start the book to expose 50 or to start a war with the rapper.  “I didn’t write the lesson to start a feud with him, we have peace.” “Now I’m at a place in my career, I can have a professional relationship with him, there’s no beef.”

50 Cent initially had a few choice words for the “Set if Off” actress, but has since had a change of heart.  “l don’t care no more it’s cool, but l was mad as a motherfvcker. She could a told me before it came out. #power#theoath.”


Along with her new book, Vivica Fox has a new talk show called “Face the Truth” on CBS . The show is scheduled to air Fall 2018.

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