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‘Lori Must of Hurt His Feelings’: Fans Slam Future After He Seemingly Disses Steve and Lori Harvey In New Song

Future is done done with Lori Harvey, or so he says.

A snippet from an upcoming song with Future and 42 Dugg leaked on Wednesday night, and fans believe Future was dissing his ex-boo. In the leaked audio, Future can be heard rapping, “tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her,” taking shots at Lori and her stepfather and “Family Feud” host, Steve Harvey.

Future is hit with backlash after audio leaks of him dissing Lori and Steve Harvey. (L) Future (Photo: @future/Instagram) and Steve and Lori Harvey (R) (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram)

The snippet spread like wildfire on Instagram and Twitter, and fans couldn’t help but react. Many people had the same thoughts that Future must still be bothered by their breakup. One person said, “Lori must of hurt his feelings.”

Someone else tweeted, “Future is really lame. Allegedly he has a rap line that says “tell steve harvey I dont want her”. Why do men say this after chick has moved on? She aint said shit about you. Just in love with her new man. When the male ego is in pain .. smh boy.” Another person figured the joke’s on Future, writing, “Steve Harvey don’t want Future no where near Lori lol so Future old immature baby having ass ain’t said nothing but a word!”

Fans blast Future for leaked verse. (Photo: @maxineshaw/Twitter)

Others, mainly the rapper’s male fans, were excited to hear the rest of the song. Over the years, Future has gained a reputation for making better music when he’s heartbroken or acting toxic over a woman. “Future a gd fool dat nigga said “Tell Steve Harvey Ion Want Her”😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 can’t wait for tht shii to drop.” “Toxic Future is back !!! Summer bouta be lit 🔥🔥🔥,” wrote another happy fan.

Other Future fans celebrate his verse (Photo: @_Bishop02/Twitter)

Rumors began to swirl last August that Future and Lori were no longer together. Now both parties have seemingly moved on and are in new relationships. The “Mask Off” rapper is dating rapper and social media influencer Dess Dior, and Lori is dating “Creed” actor Michael B. Jordan.

The two shocked the world with their relationship last year in January after posing in pictures together as they celebrated Lori’s 23rd birthday. Steve, who has made several comments about Lori’s current relationship, never seemed to have much to say when she was dating Future. While taking a stroll in Beverly Hills, he was asked about his thoughts on Lori and Future’s relationship by reporters from the celeb news blog The Hollywood Fix. Twice he swiftly responded, “I don’t know nothing about it.”

But as for Michael and Lori, Steve has given his nod of approval. In March, on “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” Steve confessed that he “tried not to like” Michael and also admitted to getting “rid of all of” Lori’s past boyfriends. But he says when it comes to Michael he is “such a good guy” and even said, “I’m just hoping they make it.”

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