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‘Cory Come Get Your Wifey’: Tia Mowry’s Version of This TikTok Trend Has Fans Cracking Up

Tia Mowry is back with another TikTok and hairstyle.

On May 16, she uploaded a TikTok video to Instagram debuting her latest hair look, which was styled into a side-parted fishtail braid.

Tia Mowry breaks it down in new TikTok video. (Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram)

What made her video more entertaining was her sound choice for the voiceover. In the video, Mowry lip-synced along to a remixed sound of Tessica Brown, also known as “Gorilla Glue Girl,” saying “My hair, it don’t move.” When the beat dropped on the Remix God Suede track, Mowry danced along, continuing to point at her hair while mouthing the words.

“Y’all! For real. My #hair! It don’t move! My #hair It. Don’t. Move 🎼” she wrote, reaffirming to her fans that her hair is so laid that it “don’t move.” Mowry’s fans cracked up over her dancing and re-enactment of the video. One person said, “It’s the slap on the head that sent meeee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.” Attempting to join the mother of two in on the joke another fan said, “Good hair for a windy day then 😂😍.”

One unlucky fan hilariously wrote, “Lol I finally got my kid to stop singing this song and she just heard it again 😂😂😂.” Someone else jokingly tried to get the attention of Mowry’s husband Cory Hardrict. They wrote, “Cory come get ya wifey😂😂💀🥴🥰.”

Hardrict, who’s been married to Mowry for 13 years and is noticeably a lot less active on social media than her, doesn’t have TikTok and rarely makes an appearance on his wife’s page. However, the “Brotherly Love” actor does have a little say in what his wife puts out on her social media.

On April 8, Mowry told the hosts of “Nightly Pop,” that when it comes to the “Silhouette Challenge” she isn’t the one that’s scared about doing it but it’s her husband that has reservations about it because of how seductive it is. She said, “It’s not that I’m scared to try. I’m not allowed to try, let’s just say that. My husband would be like, ‘Uh, for real.’”

Mowry even had to remix the ‘Buss It Challenge’ because, in the original video, participants usually go through a little makeover right before they start twerking. She said, “The ‘Buss It’ challenge is very sexy, but I had switched it up. But he didn’t know. So, when he saw me shooting it with all the kids, and he heard the music, he was like, ‘No, no, no, no. What are you doing?’ I was like, ‘Cory, I’m doing the mom version.’” While she did decide to skip the twerking part, Mowry did keep in the makeover part, which she did with her son, Cree, and her daughter, Cairo, to tone down the sexy.

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