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‘It’s Tip to You Mam’: Heiress Harris Corrects Her Instructor for Calling T.I. ‘Dad’

Clifford “T.I.” Harris‘s daughter Heiress Harris had fans hollering on May 14, after the rapper shared a video of the 5-year-old correcting an instructor for calling him “dad” instead of what she deemed was his proper name: TIP. The “Live Your Life” lyricist used the recording to promote Heiress’s latest episode of “Heiress does it ALL,” scheduled to premiere the following day.

In the clip captioned, “Heiress: “His real name’s Tip!”🤣😂🤣That’s Daddy’s baby…. Y’all Tune in to “Heiress does it ALL”@youtube,” Heiress was seen announcing that she was making “something” for her mother Tameka “Tiny” Harris for Mother’s Day as her dad slid in the frame behind her.

Heiress Harris (center) corrects her instructor (left) in a new video for calling father, rapper T.I. (right) “dad” while helping her with what appeared to be a flower arrangement for her mom Tiny Harris for Mother’s Day. Photo:@troubleman31/Instagram

She said, “Welcome back to my YouTube channel. Today we are gonna be making my mom something for Mother’s Day. And this is my dad.” Following the introduction, T.I. jokingly told Heiress to do “super good” on what appeared to be a flower arrangement so that he wouldn’t have to buy Tiny anything for Mother’s Day.

The rapper said, “Now baby, listen, I need you to focus. We have to make this very good because if it’s super good, I don’t have to spend any money to buy your mother anything. Please, okay, let’s do good on this.” When the instructor started showing the 5-year-old how to organize the arrangement while asking “dad” for cutting assistance, Heiress quickly quipped, “his real name is Tip.”

After laughing off her comment, the rapper asked his daughter, “So can’t nobody else call me daddy?” Heiress responded as she placed her hand on his chest, “I can.” Many fans pointed out how fast the toddler got the instructor in check. Others mentioned how daddy’s girls don’t play about their fathers when they share a close bond.

“She said it like ‘I’m trying to be nice to you but you trying me….’ ”

“If you a daddy’s girl you know we don’t play about our daddy’s 😂😂🥰🥰.”

“Every girl does not play about her daddy!”

“She ain’t bout to play with noooobody! 😩😂🤣😭.”

“She Said: It’s Tip to You Mam.”

Heiress made headlines earlier this week after she was seen cheering on her mother Tiny as she and her group Xscape competed in a “Verzuz” battle with another girl group from the ’90s, SWV. In the video posted on Tiny’s IG page, Heiress tells her teacher, Mr. Osea —  who asked her who does she think is going to win in the battle — that her mother is going to blow everyone “out of the water.”

She said, “Mama. Mommy is the best singer. She’s going to blow everyone else’s singing out of the water.”  

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