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‘Mama Shooting Js’: Fashionista Marjorie Harvey Shocks Fans with Slick Basketball Skills

Move over Stephen Curry. There’s a new 3-point shooter in the building. 

Having an eye for fashion and the finer things in life may not be Marjorie Harvey’s only skill. Over the Mother’s Day weekend, the gorgeous wife of funnyman Steve Harvey took to her social media page, where she showed off some of her impressive basketball abilities. 

The video featured Marjorie and a few other people hanging out in what appeared to be their backyard near their basketball court and golf course. The fashionista was dressed in a colorful kimono-inspired two-piece set and a pair of closed-toe espadrille-style slingback wedge sandals on her feet. 

Someone in the background could be heard saying, “We got Steph Curry with the three here,” before Marjorie dribbled the ball several times and smoothly shot the ball into the hoop. Those around the mother of three went wild. Marjorie could be seen taking a mini victory lap before high-fiving a nearby bush.

Marjorie Harvey shocks fans with her impressive basketball skills. Photo: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram

She captioned the clip, “Mama shooting Js on Mother’s Day! 😂🏀,” which was viewed over 513,600 times. Fans cheered over the video praising the star on her surprising talent while wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day. One Instagram user wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day! You showing out today😮.” Another commented, “The air high-five took me. Go head now, Mrs. @marjorie_harvey. 💐.”

A third said, “What the hell…gurl you got that, yeah Steve where you at! Nana nana nana…you cant top that! 😂.” “So unexpected 🤣,” expressed a fourth.

Some jokingly tried to discredit the impromptu ballplayer, pointing out that her feet weren’t entirely at the 3-point mark. “Uhhhh her foot was on the line that was a 2😬🤷🏾‍♀️,” a user quipped. Another replied, “I said the same thing,” before adding, “You know the referee is watching. 👏👏.”

“OMG Great shot!! 🙌🏽 Unfortunately I can’t give you the 3, after further review the toe cross the line….,” expressed someone else. 

Brushing up on her basketball skills wasn’t the only thing Marjorie was up to this past Mother’s Day. As previously reported,  her husband of nearly 15 years gifted her with a closet fully loaded with 2021 summer collection designer shoes from luxury brands, including Gucci, Givenchy and plenty more. 

Marjorie was more than happy with the gift, telling the “Family Feud” host, “I’m speechless. I’m literally speechless,” when asked if she was delighted. She added, “Who am I married to? Who is this man? Who thinks of this?”

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