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‘A Pot Calling the Kettle Black’: Ryan Henry’s IG Story Repost Gets Derailed After Fans Bring Up the Star’s Past Affair with Best Friend’s Ex-Girlfriend

Ryan Henry’s latest Instagram story on Tuesday, May 4, about women’s side options stirred up some controversy in the comments section after people called out the “Black Ink Crew Chicago” star for his past transgressions of sleeping with his best friend Anthony Lindsey’s ex-girlfriend Nina Marie. 

Lindsay accused Henry of having sex with Marie last year around the time Lindsay was battling cancer. The reality star later admitted to those allegations. 

Ryan Henry’s latest repost goes left after fans mention his past affair with his best friend’s on-and-off-again girlfriend Nina Marie. Photo:@ryanhenrytattoo/Instagram

In the initial upload, Henry reposted and commented on Justin Laboy’s photo, which read, “Every girl has 2-3 n—as to fall back on. She may not hit them up while she f–k with you, but better believe every time y’all break up they talking.” The 9MAG owner shared that the “fall back” options are usually the same person the women have kept in contact with for years. 

Henry said, Be the same n–a 5/10/15/20 years.” He added without disclosing any names that although people consider him “trash” he’s still “better than you.” 

Many Instagram users weren’t feeling Henry’s remarks and reminded him, by bringing up his prior affair, to stay in his lane. 

“Imaging having an affair with your best friends wife but having the audacity to post anything like this 😂.”

“Lmfaooooo the same Ryan that slept with his best friends [girlfriend] Ryan?😂😂😂😂.”

“Ryan……. sit this one out bruh.”

“Talk about a pot calling the kettle black. You know first hand what it’s like being that man waiting huh?”

“Ryan cannot talk about nobody after he slept w his bestfriend’s girl.”

Last October, Henry responded to the allegations about his sexual relationship with Nina Marie during an Instagram Live session. The 34-year-old apologized for his role in the debacle and claimed his depression played a part in why he handled the situation a certain way. 

Henry said, “I hurt people that I care about badly,” Ryan explained. “I disrespected myself and my family…Just to be clear, I’m not the victim in this. Everybody that surrounds me was. This particular moment is definitely not about me. It’s about me apologizing publicly because so many people will feel that I didn’t say anything, or some people will feel that I didn’t care.”

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