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‘Yes I Wrote the Record’: Cardi B Forced to Prove She Wrote Her Own Lyrics After Speculation Surrounding Her Song with DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled’s new album “Khaled Khaled” dropped Thursday night at midnight, and fans are already having their opinions about it. Out of the countless amount of hot features Khaled had on the project, the person that’s getting the most backlash is Cardi B.

Hours before the album dropped, Khaled shared an update with his fans that it was “101% done” after finally receiving Cardi B’s verse for “Big Paper.” The song, which stands as No. 3 on the tracklist, was not initially on the album when Khaled first shared it on April 28. She later went on Instagram Live on April 30 to explain to fans why she got her verse in so late.

Cardi B. (Photo: @iamcardib/Instagram)

“Literally, I didn’t thought I was going to make the record to be honest with you. Because I got the beat before yesterday – and yes I wrote the record,” she explained while laughing. Because the New York native only had about 48 hours to come up with her verse, she had to spend time just “brainstorming.” She continued, “You know I like to sound really good, because one thing I’ve been really insecure about is my accent. I have a really big accent. I was making sure that everything was mixed right. Literally, I think Khaled got the song like 7 a.m. my time. He got it mastered and everything, and I hope you guys like it.”

Most artists, if not all, hope to get positive reviews about their songs and verses. So when the “Up” rapper saw a few fans questioning her integrity about the short amount of time she had to write the verse, she decided to address it. She received blows from haters on Instagram and Twitter. One person commented, “She can’t even type a full sentence on Twitter how she gon write a-ykw.” Someone else said, “She lying bye . She ain’t write nannnnn.”

Another tweeted, “Cardi really got on Live & LIED about just writing the verse like we didn’t see Khaled bumping it on set of his new video shoot . He def didn’t start filming no video shoot in the last 2 days so the song been done & she lied .”

Cardi, who’s no stranger to clapping back or explaining herself to fans, tweeted: “The day Khaled did his video we sent him the hook and one verse so he can know I was working on it and not frontin . This is my messages from last night my engineer sending me different mixes in the middle of the night since we had to turn it in at 7am Thursday Morning !” She shared a screenshot of her messages and showed the two messages that were sent between herself and her engineer with her vocals on the track.

The same Twitter user responded, “I actually like your delivery on the song , but it don’t sound like you wrote it in 2 days & that’s OKAY . There is NO COMPETITION for writing a verse fast . Just put out good verses ! Up was definitely better . Good song still . No hate or shade.” Cardi replied, “Who said it was competition? Competing about what ? I was letting my fans know why I got on the album soo late & unexpected wit no video & almost didn’t make it cause the beat was send Tuesday night I can’t even tell my personal story without ya makin everything so catty.”

The two went back and forth for a while, but Cardi eventually deleted her responses from their public conversation. But of course, with every hater comes a supporter. She received love from other fans, with one saying, “Not gone lie Cardi did what she needed to do on Big Paper Fire she popped her sh-t,” and another tweeting, “Y’all tweakin I thought that was 1 cardi hardest verses.. ain’t flow the same as usual but she spittin bars.”

Whether it be for the support or the critics, all of this Cardi chatter had her name trending at the number one spot under entertainment on Twitter.

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