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‘The Fake Teeth Are So Distracting’: Eva Marcille’s Self-Care Video Goes Left After Fans Bring Up Her Pearly Whites

Eva Marcille‘s teeth became the topic of conversation on April 22 after the model uploaded a clip of how she balances her self-care regimens with her busy home and work schedule. Marcille currently works as an actress, a co-host on “The Ricky Smiley Morning Show,” and entrepreneur with her jewelry line.

Marcille said in the recording while twirling her iced cocktail in the background, “Happy Thursday, so from job to self-care, to job to meeting, to self-care to kids, to cocktail to job. All right, I gotta go.” The mother of three kept the post light-hearted when she wrote, “It’s the balance for me. #Gratitude #cocktail.”

A multitude of fans bypassed the video’s message and quickly zoomed in on the “America’s Next Top Model” season 3 winner’s flashy white smile.

Eva Marcille’s self-care video gets derailed by her dazzling white teeth. @evamarcille/Instagram

“You already had perfect teeth.😩.”

“The fake teeth are so distracting 😮.”

“Now I’m BLIND cuz of these damn TEETH 💪🏾😂💛💛”

“Damn you should have left your smile alone.”

Eva Marcille before and after supposed teeth work. Photo @evamarcille/Instagram

One Instagram user was torn between Marcille’s new smile and old one. They added that even though they liked the model’s new smile, they also felt there was nothing wrong with other ones. “Teeth great……with that said. The old was the same.❤️”

The mother of three revealed her new smile earlier this month in an Instagram post and received mixed reviews. Although many felt Marcille might have felt some kind of dissatisfaction with her former smile, there is no clear explanation of what prompted her to make the adjustment. In March, Marcille posted a clip of her apparently visiting the dentist’s office as she prepped to get some work done.

In the recording she said: “So I’m about to go under. I would not go under unless God was taking me outside of Dr. Khan. He literally the best of the best in every way possible. Dr. Austin captaining this ship.I’m getting a little emo. It’s not the drugs. It’s like the beginning of the end of a really, really big battle and journey, and, like, we literally did it.”

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