‘Why Mess with Perfection?’: Eva Marcille Debuts New Smile, Fans Have Mixed Reactions

Appearance is everything when you’re living your life in the public eye. Slim physique, clear skin, and pearly white teeth appear to be a must on the celebrity checklist. However, for those who weren’t born with the perfect features, buying or adjusting what you already have is undoubtedly an option as well. 

Recently, it appeared former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Eva Marcille had gotten some work done on her teeth. However, when the former reality star showed off her pearly new whites on her social media page, she was met with mixed reactions.

Eva Marcille. @evamarcille/Instagram

On Sunday, April 11, the cycle three winner of “America’s Next Top Model” shared three up-close selfies of herself gleefully smiling. The model sported her signature faux locs and soft glam makeup look with false lashes. She captioned the gallery of photos, “Grand Rising 🙏🏾 Smile🌻.”

Her post received over 75,000 likes as fans were very vocal about how they felt about the star’s new smile. Many expressed that there was nothing wrong with Eva’s look before and were concerned about why she decided to change it. One seemingly disappointed fan wrote, “Am I seeing right? It looks good but you were gorgeous before with what you already had. Your smile was already amazing!”

Eva Marcille before and after supposed teeth work. Photo @evamarcille/Instagram

Another person commented, “Wasn’t nothing wrong with your teeth before 😢you were always beautiful😍.”  “Please tell us the dentist so we NEVER GO THERE! 💔 you had PERFECT TEETH BEFORE! These teeth are too big for your face!” a third expressed. 

A fourth wrote, “Why?? You are absolutely beautiful & you’re teeth were perfect. Why would you want bigger teeth that look like they’re too big for your face ??” They added, “You are entitled to do whatever you want want, but why mess with perfection 🤦🏽‍♀️.”

Though many speculated that the mother of three experienced some discomfort with her teeth, it’s unclear what the motive was behind the change. However, in March 2020, the former reality star shared a short clip of herself seemingly at the dentist’s office before getting some work done. 

“So I’m about to go under. I would not go under unless God was taking me outside of Dr. Khan. He literally the best of the best in every way possible. Dr. Austin captaining this ship,” she explained in the video. “I’m getting a little emo. It’s not the drugs. It’s like the beginning of the end of a really, really big battle and journey, and like we literally did it.”

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