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‘I’m Confused’: Kandi Burruss Reveals That She Doesn’t Know Where Her Friendship Stands with Porsha Williams Anymore

Kandi Burruss opened up about her current relationship status with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Porsha Williams on April 16 on Fox 5 DC, where Burruss addressed Williams’ Instagram Live video discussing an unaired scene from season 13. Williams’ April 15 IG Live was in response to a Vulture magazine “Housewives” feature in which “RHOA” star Kenya Moore said Williams “wanted to be the only one that was the face of the [Black Lives Matter] movement for TV purposes.”

Burruss was promoting her new Lifetime film “Envy: A Seven Deadly Sins Story,” which premiered this past weekend. When asked about where her friendship stands with Williams, Burruss said, “I don’t really know honestly, as far as I knew we were cool when we left the reunion. [Then] the article came out and now she’s on social media. So I have no idea, to be honest, where the point was she was trying to make. I’m confused, to be honest.” 

Kandi Burruss (above) responded to Porsha Williams IG Live video discussing the removed “RHOA” scene. (Photo: @fox5dc/screenshot)

The Xscape singer added she wasn’t caught off guard by Williams’ remarks because she saw how negatively the alleged scene — Williams confronting Burruss about not including other cast members’ input on Black activism programming suggestions Burruss pitched to Bravo — affected the “Dish Nation” co-host when it initially happened. 

“I guess not. … The article talked about a scene that was not used in the show, and obviously, there’s things in that scene that were not positive look in her eyes. So with that being said, she wasn’t happy about it then, and she not happy about it being discussed now.” 

Many people expressed they didn’t understand Burruss’ comments regarding the situation because they felt Williams was only clearing up her own name without speaking ill about the mother of three.

“She didn’t say anything negative about her. This my issue with Kandi…she forever acting clueless.”

“The point was to give her side of the story and clear her name she didn’t say anything bad about Kandi.”

Kandi Burruss (left) and Porsha Williams (right). (Photo: @kandi/Instagram, @porsha4real/Instagram)

“Why Kandi always clueless?!?!! I mean the live was plan and simple. Kandi homegirl Kenya said something with negative undertones toward BLM & Porsha. so she set the record straight in effort to make sure BLM continue to stay clear of reality tv drama.”

“Porsha didn’t even say nun bad about kandi. All she did was clear her name which Kandi didn’t do on speak on it.”

“She didn’t say anything negative about Kandi though.”

Williams originally addressed the allegations of the removed clip on April 15, in which she and Burruss were discussing Burruss’ involvement in pursuing a Black activism agenda to Bravo, a discussion that reportedly went south when Kenya Moore joined it. Williams also displayed text messages between her and other “RHOA” cast members to showcase that she never spoke ill about Burruss. 

Burruss also discussed her upcoming “Verzuz” battle against R&B group SWV in the interview.

The Xscape singer revealed how “excited” she is: “I’m super excited about the ‘Verzuz’ battle because our group Xscape and SWV, we love each other, we got a lot of love for each other. It’s a sisterhood. … It’s gonna be a lot of fun. I’m sure both of us will be bringing a lot of surprises. Of course, it’s going to be real singing here and there.”

She continued when talking about the critics who underestimated Xscape’s music catalog, “It’s funny to me that a lot of people were in the comments saying, ‘Oh, Xscape, I don’t know.’ Do you realize how many songs we have individually amongst each other? We got the Xscape songs. We got the songs that Xscape have appeared on other people’s records. We have songs that we individually, I know myself, and some other group members have been on other records that were hit. So I’m like I don’t know about that.”

Burruss has written chart-topping songs for Destiny’s Child, TLC, and other artists in the past.

The “Verzuz” battle between SWV and Xscape is set to air on May 8.

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