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Black Rob Discharged from Hospital Following Distressing Video Clip

Robert “Black Rob” Ross has been released from the hospital and is home resting just days after a video of the former Bad Boy artist sending DMX “big love” in the hospital began circulating online, sparking concern from fans.

The “Whoa!” rapper sent social media into a flurry after he spoke on camera from a hospital bed, sending DMX “big love” in the wake of his passing. His frail appearance alarmed fans, who wondered what was ailing the artist and sent him well-wishes.

Black Rob (center) has been released from a hospital. (Photo: Black Rob/YouTube screenshot)

In a video originally filmed by Rob’s fellow former Bad Boy artist and “Bad Boy For Life” collaborator Mark Curry that was reposted by Black Rob on April 10, Curry confirmed that the “Let’s Get It” rapper was discharged from his hospital stay. “Black Rob just got discharged from the hospital. … It’s overwhelming to see how many people care about our legends. But he just got discharged from the hospital. This is something that Rob been going through, so I don’t know who put it out there, like whatever it may be, but he’s good.”

Curry went on to express his commitment to making sure Rob is comfortable in Atlanta while he recovers.

“We gon’ talk later on today when I get home about what we gon’ do to help our boy B.R. out,” Curry said. “Later on when I get off of work, we gon’ talk about what we gon’ do. Because I want to make sure my man, he want to stay in Atlanta, he’s staying here. I want him to have everything.”

Black Rob has also been active on Instagram since his video went viral and promises that he’s “good” and “can feel the much-needed love and support.”

In another video, shared by rapper Royce Da 5′ 9″, Rob is seen discussing his health and personal struggles. “I mean I been dealing with this for five years. Four strokes,” he said as he shook his head. “Damn, man, I don’t know what to tell you man. This s**t is crazy. This s**t is hard man, you know what I’m saying?”

“I don’t got no house to live in, except probably, man, an apartment. Me and my man’s be trying to get together, man,” he continued. “I’m telling you man, this s–t is strange. It’s hard, man. I don’t know what the people gon’ do, what the people gon’ say. I need some rest, man. Really, I need some rest, man. My side is killing me. I don’t want to talk about it no more, man.”

“Started From the Bottom” producer Mark Zombie was moved to action by the updates and created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the “legend” and went so far as to provide receipts to prove the legitimacy of his efforts.

GoFundMe page started for Black Rob. @therealmikezombie/Instagram

Black Rob’s startling viral video could be stoking the flames of unionization talk within the music industry. After seeing Rob’s condition in the video, Rapper Styles P has spoken out about the need for hip-hop to explore unionizing.

“Where is the union for rappers and artists?!?!?!?!?” wrote Styles in the post that received more than 21,000 likes. “What is happening to black Rob Has happened to too many artists before him and will continue to happen to artists after him. Protection and a union is much much needed..and to those who are up that came from the bottom remember how it feels to be down and help out if you could . We need a union!!!!!!!”

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