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‘Dad’s Gonna Have to Get the Bats and Guns Out’: Fans Swoon Over Sweet Photo of Gizelle Bryant and Her Daughter Grace

Fans of the popular reality show the “Real Housewives of Potomac,” are used to seeing Gizelle Bryant‘s three daughters, 16-year-old Grace and the 15-year-old twins Adore and Angel Bryant — the three practically grew up in front of audiences. The reality star has been very vocal on the show about how close she is to her girls, maybe sometimes too close for fans, as she’s often been caught sharing cast mate drama with her girls. 

Nonetheless, the bond between the mommy and her three daughters is evident, and on Wednesday, April 7, the 50-year-old took to her Instagram account, where she showed a little love to her firstborn Grace. Gizelle was spotted sporting distressed white denim jeans and a white Yves Saint Laurent-monogrammed T-shirt, and a cropped appliquéd blue denim jacket. She finished her look off with a pair of pink sandals, and black headband, and glasses. Meanwhile, Grace rocked a red form-fitting long sleeve, off-the-shoulder mini dress. She accessorized her look with gold jewelry and pink sneakers. 

Grace Bryant, Gizelle Bryant. @gizellebryant/Instagram

Gizelle captioned the adorable mommy-daughter post, “Never a dull moment strolling down the street with this one!♥️ #MyGrace #1stBorn.” The snap garnered over 25,000 likes from fans gushing over the beautiful teenager. 

One fan wrote, “Mom and daughter both Gorg! Dads gonna have to get the bats and guns out for your girls lol 💕.” Another person commented, “Damn girl you’re going to need security for those beautiful girls.”

A third person recalled when they saw Gizelle and her daughter, writing, “Gorgeous 2…I can recall the two of you passing by me in the Hotel at the Essence Fest, you smiled at me.” They added, “I wouldn’t dare sweat you for an autograph or interrupt you, the kind smile was enough. So Sweet.”

“She’s becoming a beautiful young woman. They grow so fast out of pigtails and ponytails, don’t they?❤️,” another expressed. 

The reality shares her three gorgeous teenagers with her ex-husband, pastor Jamal Bryant. Pastor Bryant also appeared on the reality show after he and Gizelle decided to give their romance another chance. At first the girls weren’t here for it, telling their mother on the show that they just didn’t want her to get hurt. During an appearance on “The Daily Dash,” Gizelle said her girls were “very protective of me, which makes me happy that they are really mama’s girls, and they just want to make sure that I’m happy. So they see that I am, So I think they’re OK.” 

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