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‘Beautiful Black Family’: Gizelle Bryant’s Fans Are Gushing Over Her Recent Family Post

Gizelle Bryant has her fans in their feelings over a recent family photo she shared on her Instagram page in honor of her daughter’s 16th birthday.

On Thursday, Nov. 5, the reality star from “The Real Housewives of Potomac” took to her social media page with a special shout out to her daughter Grace Bryant. The photo featured the whole crew, including Gizelle’s ex-husband and current boyfriend Jamal H. Bryant, her twin daughters Angel and Adore, Grace, and herself. “#FamBam Ok this is really the last picture. 😊 I have been so overwhelmed with this day,” Gizelle captioned the sweet moment. She added, “My little girl is all grown up. ❤️😢 I thank God for my family, I would be a mess without them  #FamilyOverEverything#Sweet16.”

(L-R) Pastor Jamal Bryant, Angel, Grace, Adore and Gizelle Bryant. Photo: @gizellebryant/Instagram

The post received over 44,000 likes from fans wishing the teen a happy birthday and several others expressing their joy over the precious moment, including one fan who wrote, “Beautiful Black Family🖤.” Another person commented, “Congratulations!! Such a beautiful family! My oldest will be sixteen in 4 weeks so I get it!! ❤️❤️.”

A third person wrote, “Post away Your page Your rules, and your baby is 16❣️❣️ We need as many positive post as we can get with everything going on @gizellebryant 💗.” “@gizellebryant Last picture? NOOOO! This was my only positive distraction from watching election coverage on tv(and I don’t even live in USA!😂😂😂),” a fourth person wrote. 

Gizelle’s photo comes on the heels of her rekindling her relationship with Bryant, a pastor based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The two ended their union nearly 12 years ago after he allegedly stepped out on their marriage. When the reality star first announced her decision to give their relationship another try, her daughters weren’t exactly on board. At the time, Gizelle said the girls just needed some time to “adjust.”

During an interview on “The Daily Dish,” the mom of three said, “At first, they were weirded out, confused. But now I think that they are used to it, and they’re fine. At the end of the day, they just want me to be happy.” She added, “And they’re very protective of me, which makes me happy that they are really mama’s girls and they just want to make sure that I’m happy. So they see that I am, So I think they’re OK.”

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