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‘Was That a Yes Or No?’: ‘RHOA’ Friend Falynn Guobadia Confuses Fans After She Admits She and Husband Simon Have ‘Marital Issues Just Like Everyone Else’ Amid Breakup Rumors

Friend of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Falynn Guobadia attempted to clear up any talk of trouble at home, but ended up leaving fans more perplexed than pacified.

The 31-year-old socialite was introduced to the show by her friend, “Dish Nation” co-host and “RHOA” star Porsha Williams, and has recently been plagued by talk that her marriage to 56-year-old businessman Simon Guobadia is in jeopardy.

(L-R): Falynn Guobadia and her husband Simon Guobadia Photo: @iamsimonguobadia/Instagram

The flames were fanned when Simon and Falynn unfollowed each other on social media briefly. The heat was turned up by her “RHOA” nemesis and fellow friend of the show LaToya Ali, who tweeted that Guobadia’s “hubby kicked her out the empire” after the ladies engaged in a sub-tweeting match on the platform.

During an interview with The Jasmine Brand, Falynn was given space to address rumors that she said were started by an unnamed “miserable person,” and brushed them off as average, run-of-the-mill relationship hurdles.

“That rumor came from a miserable person, but anyway I’ll entertain it only because it’s a valid question. No, Simon and I, we go through our marital issues just like everyone else,” she stated with a shrug. “Everybody has their own s**t. Whether we unfollow and we follow back…and delete our stuff or whatever the case is, just let us go through our stuff. We’re just like everyone else. We’re normal people.”

Guobadia’s response wasn’t clear enough for fans, however, and they wasted no time expressing their confusion in the comments.

“Still didn’t answer the question sis😂”

“So basically they separated but ain’t separated just mind y’all’s business 😂😂”

“Soooo was that yes or no”

“Girl just answer the question!!”

Falynn’s husband Simon encourages his followers to “never give up on love.” Photo: @iamsimonguobadia/Instagram

While Simon has yet to comment about the current state of his and Falynn’s marriage, in advance of Valentine’s Day, he shared a post with their photo and a caption about learning to never give up on love.

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