‘Bring the Golf Club’: Falynn Guobadia and LaToya Ali Go at It on Social Media a Day Before Taping of ‘RHOA’ Reunion

Real Housewives of Atlanta” newbies Falynn Guobadia and LaToya Ali continued their ongoing feud by throwing jabs at each other on social media on March 24. Their social media spat occurred after The Peach Report Daily reposted Ali’s Instagram Story in which she claimed she might be too ill to attend the “RHOA” reunion special filming, scheduled to shoot the following day.

The YouTuber said she caught a cold from taking care of her younger daughter Ayah Ali, who had been suffering from a fever. “I still feel like crap. I’m weak I think that Ayah gave me a cold. She had a fever, and I was taking care of her, and I believe she passed it on to me. I tried to get my hair done yesterday, and I was like I told my hairstylist I cannot continue because I could not sit up. I was laying down on the couch and I felt so bad … I had to tell her we have to complete this another day. … So just keep me in your prayers. I’m gonna sleep for the rest of the day.”

Falynn Guobadia (left) and LaToya Ali (right). (Photos: @falynnguobadia/Instagram, @latoyaforever/Instagram)

When a fan ask Ali in the comment section if she planned to go to the reunion, the 34-year-old wrote, “That’s the plan but my health is number 1.”

Following Ali’s post, Guobadia took to Twitter to accuse her “RHOA” co-star of being scared and telling her, “You can stop playing sick, girl. I won’t be there #RHOA.”

Ali clapped back a short time later and wrote that the reason why Guobadia couldn’t attend the reunion is because her husband Simon Guobadia kicked her out — following breakup rumors earlier this week after the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram — and she couldn’t afford to go. She wrote, “Hubby kicked her out the empire and can’t afford a flight. Meet me at the Reunion #RHOA.”

Ali continued by referring to the ladies’ verbal spat that almost turned physical after Guobadia tried grabbing a golf club to attack the vlogger for disrespecting her husband and home. The mother of three said, “And bring the golf club.”

Guobadia then told her followers Ali must have been feeling better because she was being messy on Twitter. “Oh! She’s feeling better now, y’all! It’s a miracle!!! #RHOA.”

Some people warned Ali to stop antagonizing Guobadia. One also agreed with Guobadia’s final tweet and suggested that Ali was well enough to throw shade.

“If falynn brings that golf club it’s over for Latoya she’s going right to the upper room.”

“You can tell toya is one them girls is all talk but no action.”

Andy Cohen confirmed “RHOA” season 13 reunion filming is underway on his Instagram Story. (Photo: @bravoandy/Instagram)

“For someone that’s ‘sick’ she sure has a lot of energy in her clap backs 😅.”

“Don’t play with Falynn, she is serving shade for days 👏👏👏👏.”

Despite feeling under the weather, Ali posted on her Story later that night a video of her and her new boo, physical trainer Von Rhe, who confirmed the duo were dating with a social media post earlier this month of the two supposedly on a plane going to Cancun for the “RHOA” reunion. She asked Rhe, “Tell me where we going.” He replied “Cancun.” She added while chuckling, “See y’all in Cancun.”

The YouTuber, who was aware of the criticism she was receiving for supposedly being ill, went on her Instagram Story to address the issue the following day.

She said, “It’s so funny that some of yall think that I’m playing sick because I don’t want to go to the reunion. Listen who the hell is scared of anybody. I’m the one that caused all the drama. I don’t have a filter. I get that. But all I state are facts and if people wanna get mad at me for stating facts, that’s on them. Maybe it’s how I present them. But at the end of the day it true talk.”

Although it is unknown who would be present, what drama will unfold, and the location of the reunion special. One thing that is certain is production is currently underway for the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 13 reunion scheduled to air at a later date. Executive producer Andy Cohen confirmed the news on his Instagram page with a photo that read “#RHOA Reunion Day.”

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