‘A Good Ole Nice Nasty Read’: ‘RHOA’ Newbie Falynn Guobadia Throws Shade at Co-Star Latoya Ali for Questioning Her Means of Support

Falynn Guobadia threw shots at “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star LaToya Ali on Feb. 10 after the YouTuber tried to denigrate the 31-year-old’s credibility following an interview with the blog site “The Peach Report.” The “RHOA” newbie suggested the model looked like the type of woman to be with an older man for money, because Guobadia’s husband is 25 years her senior. 

In the interview, Guobadia touched on Ali’s comment from earlier in the season by reacting to how unsettling the brief encounter with the mother of three was.

Falynn Guobadia (left) and LaToya Ali (right). (Photos: @falynnguobadia/Instagram, @latoyaforever/Instagram)

“It was beyond crazy. The old me probably would have responded in a very crazy way. It’s nothing I haven’t heard before. Simon [Guobadia] was the first man that I ever dated that was much older than me, let alone marry. You can’t help who God had set up for you. You can’t help who you fall in love with. Simon and I make a perfect duo.”

Guobadia continued the interview by saying she calls those who judge her relationship based on the couple’s age difference “surface people.”

“I’m a boss, and I am a very independent woman. I have been through the grunge in life, and I survived. Naturally, when I meet a man of a certain stature, that’s going to be attractive to a very secure man. So people who don’t necessarily understand that, it used to be offensive. … They’re just surface people. They can’t see anything beyond the surface.”

She concluded the statement by saying Ali’s insensitive remark was rooted in her unhappiness in Ali’s own marriage. “I think most of us know why she is so unhappy. It’s not like she hides her life. … We can all see the type of person she is. They have been very public and open about their issues within their relationship. Even for her I wish her the best of luck in life and I truly hope she finds what it is that I have. Because clearly she wants what I have.” 

Ali and her estranged husband Adam announced they were calling it quits last June after six years of marriage. Adam claimed after attempting to reconcile with Ali that the 34-year-old said she was “for the streets.”

Repartee between Latoya Ali and Falynn Guobadia. @thepeachreportdaily/Instagram

After the interview Ali entered the comments section underneath the video of the interview to throw shade at the entrepreneur and asked what she did for a living: “What exactly do you do?”

Guobadia responded by listing her credentials and addressing Ali’s recently surfaced video where she made fun of a former friend’s physical appearance.

“Well since I have some time today…I own a petroleum logistics company that I started before the age of 30,” Guobadia’s retort began. “I am a real estate investor. I paint abstract art. I carry a successful BLACK man’s legacy. I raise my BLACK husband’s BLACK sons. Oh and side note, my BLACK husband has big lips too. I thought a little girl with a colorist issue said something. Stay well and God bless 🙏🏾.”

Many fans applauded Guobadia for clapping back at Ali.

“Tssk Tssk poor Toya is reaching, while falynn is so unbothered 💅💅💅💅.”

“Falynn handled thirsty Toya in a respectful way.”

“Whew chile Falynn gave her a good ole nice nasty read! 🙌🏾 come on Falynn!”

“Damn she ate her up 😂.”

Ali’s recent feud was with “RHOA” cast mate Drew Sidora over her comments on the “Step Up” actress’s wig. The two buried the hatchet during an all-girls trip dinner party in South Carolina, where Sidora gifted Ali an autographed headshot of herself.

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