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‘They So Protective of Their Mom’s’: Evelyn Lozada Shares New Video of Son Carl Leo Crawford Monitoring Her Phone Talk

Fans of Evelyn Lozada got a look at the protective side of Lozada’s son Carl Leo Crawford when the “Basketball Wives” star uploaded a video to social media of the 7-year-old asking his mother about her phone activity. Lozada, who tagged her location in the March 31 Instagram post, is currently on vacation in Hawaii.

In the seven-second recording, Carl Leo is seen running out of the water and moving toward his mom when he utters the words “You on the phone with somebody.” Although Lozada didn’t verbally respond in the video, she jokingly let her followers know that her son is indeed the man of the house. The “BBW” star captioned the post, “He thinks he’s my man 🙄.” Fans alerted Lozada that her son’s overprotective nature is expected when raising a boy. One follower even mentioned to the reality star that that overprotective nature will only grow stronger as he gets older.

Carl Leo Crawford asks mom Evelyn Lozada if she is on the phone while taking a swim in Hawaii. Photo:@evelynlozada/Instagram

“They so protective of their mom’s.”

“I think all little boys are like that when it comes to mom 😩😂.”

“That’s what young boys do.”

“That’s how he suppose to be @evelynlozada nobody gets next to mommy with out his approval.”

“Wait until he’s a teen he really going be thinking he your daddy and man 😉.”

While many people commented on the video, others brought up how big the 7-year-old has become physically. One wrote, “He’s gotten so big 😍🙌.” An Instagram user pointed out it wasn’t long ago that Carl Leo was just a baby. “He’s getting so big it seems like it was just yesterday.” 

Lozada recently celebrated her son’s birthday with her ex-fiancé, former MLB player Carl Crawford in a party with the theme for online video game Fortnite. Both Crawford and Lozada wished their son a happy birthday on their respective Instagram accounts. The reality star captioned the post, “I am the proudest mom in the world!! I am so blessed that I got you as my son @therealcarlleocrawford♥️ Happy 7th Birthday to you. Thank you to my family & friends who stopped by to help celebrate Leo’s BD! It sure takes a village ♥️.” 

Crawford wrote, “I wanna wish a Happy 7th birthday to my lil stud @therealcarlleocrawford.”

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