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‘What Happened to Her?!?!?!’: Toya Bush-Harris Stuns ‘M2M’ Fans with Her ‘Egotistical’ Attitude Following a Heated Argument with Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Toya Bush-Harris’ behavior shocked fans during the March 28 episode of “Married to Medicine” following her heated verbal altercation with Dr. Heavenly Kimes. The two women began arguing after the dentist told “M2M” newbie Anila Sajja to take more responsibility for her children since her husband Dr. Kiran Sajja — who just finished playing an “M2M” child vs. adult basketball game — works as an ophthalmologist. 

When Anila tries to inform the dentist that she too works as a blogger, Kimes said, “I didn’t know blogging was a job.” Bush-Harris told the “Heaven Help Us” host, “If she’s getting a paycheck, it’s a job.” To which Kimes quipped to the stay-at-home mother, “Why don’t you blog?”

Toya Bush-Harris (left) and Dr. Heavenly Kimes (right). (Photo: @toyabushharris/Instagram, @dr_heavenly/Instagram)

Things took a turn for the worse after Bush-Harris claimed that the dentist was “hating on people.” Kimes disputed this assessment.

She said, “Come on now, I hate? You might, but I don’t.” The mother of two responded, “I don’t have a reason to hate because people like you wanna do what I do.” Bush-Harris’ remarks apparently were in reference to the similarities she noticed between her and Kimes’ homes, which included a “three-story closet and a fireplace with 90 degrees.” 

Kimes responded, “B–h, that was already there. I’ve been here 20 years, girl.” 

She then threw the bombshell of Bush-Harris’ alleged financial problems and suggested bringing Quad Webb, the person on the show who started the rumors, to verify the “receipts.”

“You just got approved for a loan, b—h. Now you got the down payment,” Kimes said. “Do we need to bring out receipts on how you got your down payments? She [Quad] told me how you got your house.”  

Bush-Harris replied, “Quad don’t know nothing about me. … You sound like your receipts are faulty.” Kimes clapped back by calling her co-star the “brokest b—h here.”

Bush-Harris quipped, “I’m so mother f–king broke, why I got a $350 workout outfit.” 

The argument intensified after Kimes brought up the Black Lives Matter conversation she had with Anila during Damon Kimes’ 50th birthday party. 

Bush-Harris jumped in and defended her friend and said, “You not gonna bring her into that s–t. Pick on somebody your own size b—h.”

Anila tried to explain that she wasn’t trying to overshadow the importance of what Black Lives Matter means but to relate and share her own struggles. She said, “I was never trying to take from what she [Kimes] experienced because I will never know that. But growing up in Savannah, I was called the sand n–r, Arabian names. We wouldn’t get waited on. My journey is not the same as her journey, but I did deal with a lot of it.”

The argument ended with Bush-Harris telling Kimes to continue to watch Bush-Harris’ life on social media to find inspiration. 

“Keep watching my motherf–king Instagram, b—h, so you can keep being like me. “

Kimes threw shots Bush-Harris’ supposedly lackluster career she said, “Let’s talk about a portfolio, b—h.” 

Following the explosive fight, some fans expressed how disgusted they were by Bush-Harris’ remarks and how she’s been carrying herself so far during this season. 

“Toya has changed into someone I don’t even recognize. She’s mean and mouthy with a pompous, egotistical, I’ve got more money than you, attitude this season. What happened to her?!?!?! #marriedtomedicine.”

“Toya sickens me #marriedtomedicine.”

“Tf is Toya’s problem??? Why are you acting like you are better than everybody else??? It’s not a good look. Humble Pie might be your next meal js #Married2Med #marriedtomedicine.”

“Baby the fact that Toya’s go-to line was ‘my workout outfit is [$350]’….just proves how simple-minded she is #marriedtomedicine.”

After the episode aired, Kimes once again commented on Bush-Harris’ alleged financial woes on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” The “M2M” star said when asked about the Detroit native selling her dream home, “The stuff Quad told me about Toya’s home I had heard it before from other people. So it wasn’t the first time I heard that. But as far as her home being on the market, honestly, I think she thinks there will be some money and she’s trying to get money out of the house. What she doesn’t realizes is it will cost more for her to get another house. What she’s saying to other people she’s getting a bigger home. So she’s a train wreck about to happen. That’s my thought.”

Bush-Harris dream house was supposedly listed on the market last year for $3.525 million, as reported by Urban Belle last fall.

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