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‘There Was No Manipulation’: Mona Scott-Young Addresses What Happened to Tamar Braxton’s Show After Fall Out with We TV

Tamar Braxton has expressed for a while now her disappointment with her former reality TV show “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life.” Braxton felt that she was not portrayed in the way that she thought she would be on the six-episode series.

She once said in an interview with Jason Lee that she believed her portrayal on the show was “disrespectful.” She added that the “show was supposed to be another opportunity” to show a Black woman and “how she picked herself up again, how she re-navigated her life being a single mom, how she figured out the dating world after being divorced, what she was going to do with her career.” But what she believes resulted was different.

Mona Scott-Young (Photo: @monascottyoung/Instagram) and Tamar Braxton (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Mona Scott-Young, executive producer of the show, seems to have another explanation for why the show wasn’t to Braxton’s liking and she doesn’t think it has anything to do with the execution of it.

In an interview with MadameNoire, The CEO of Monami Entertainment said, “I don’t think I would have said it could have been done differently. It certainly was executed exactly as we discussed. It didn’t turn out the way we set out to mainly because she was just not in a good space for that show at that time in her life.” She later added, “There was no manipulation. I think she didn’t like the way a lot of things turned out but it certainly wasn’t because any of it was manipulated. I think it was just a case of not the right time for her. Not the right time in her life.”

Scott-Young, who is the creator of the Love and Hip Hop franchise, mentioned that Braxton’s already suffering relationship with WE tv, which aired the show, may point to another reason why Braxton did not like the show. “I think the history that she had with the network prevented her from fully embracing the concept that we set out to accomplish, but it certainly was exactly what she had expressed wanting to do and we talked about just allowing the cameras to capture her in this phase of her life as she really tried to address a lot of the things she felt she wanted to see done differently in her life and that’s exactly what happened,” she said.

Braxton worked with WE tv for years before getting her own show. The network is home to her family’s television series, “Braxton Family Values,” which is airing in its seventh season. WE tv ended its relationship with Braxton when she stated that the network was one of the reasons for her suicide attempt in July 2020 after she saw the trailer for her eponymous show.

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