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‘Real Friends Always Sort Things Out’: Evelyn Lozada Apologizes to Jennifer Williams After Their Rekindled Friendship

Basketball Wives” stars Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada‘s rekindled friendship made headlines on March 23 after Lozada apologized to Williams on Twitter while live-tweeting during the season 9 finale of “BBW” aired the same day. The mother of two reacted to her co-star’s post, which said Lozada “missed” her. 

Williams initially reposted and responded to a “BBW” fan’s tweet that described how badly the friends wanted to speak to each other while hanging out in the same room with the other “BBW” cast members, including Williams, Lozada  Jackie ChristieNia and Noria Dorsey, and Feby Torres.   

Evelyn Lozada (left) and Jennifer Williams (right). (Photo: @evelynlozada/Instagram, @jenniferwilliams/Instagram)

The tweet said, “#BasketballWives you can tell @EvelynLozada and @iamjennifer want to speak to each other so bad.” Williams replied to the upload by saying, “She knows she missed me @EvelynLozada #BasketballWives.” An hour following the initial tweet, Lozada retweeted her friend’s post with the caption, “I always did #Sorry.” The “Indictment” star commented “love you” underneath Lozada’s tweet.

This apology comes after the ladies set aside their differences on the March 22 episode of “BBW,” which was shot last year in Lozada’s rental home. In the clip, Jackie Christie wanted the two friends to bury the hatchet after Nia Dorsey, and Feby Torres put their beef — stemming from when they were both dating NBA basketball star Lance Stephenson — aside. Dorsey ultimately clarified the things she did wrong in her previous relationship with Stephenson. 

Following that conversation, Christie told both Williams and Lozada that they “might as well put s–t out on the table” especially if they planned to have a group of similar friends. 

“I think that we are all in the same group. We are all gonna be around each other. We might as well put s–t out on the table, like the fact you and somebody you been friends with forever. You know how I feel about that, Jenn. You know how I feel about Evelyn. I told both of you, you’ve never said anything negative about her to me other than than you’ve always had nothing but love for her and vice versa.”

Christie also added that Williams improved because while they were in their own rental property, she claimed she would never set foot at Lozada’s place, and yet she changed her mind. “The other day she said, I would never go over there, and look, she came over here tonight, and that was good.”

Lozada then jumped in and told Williams, “You know, I want good for your life. I don’t wish you nothing bad. “

Williams returned the love and offered the possibilities of more outings between the two. “I want the same for Evelyn. I only wish good things. And I’m happy we can be in the same room together. Who knows maybe in the future we can hang out more.”

Many people expressed their excitement over Williams and Lozada’s rekindled relationship.

Evelyn Lozada apologizes to Jennifer Williams on Twitter following their rekindled friendship. Photo @evelynlozada/Twitter Screenshot

“Good!!! They use to be my favorite duo.”

“They had no real beef tho.”

“Real friends always sort things out 🙏🏽.”

“Good for them, the beef ain’t even make sense fr.”

“Love the reconciliation life is too short to have pointless arguments and beef ❤️.”

Jennifer Williams confirms “Basketball Wives” will return for season 10 following “pandemic special.” @jenniferwilliams/Instagram

Williams and Lozada showed fans they were on good terms, earlier this month after Lozada commented under Williams’ selfie. The jewelry designer said, “Been pretty since 2001 #Boston lol.” Over the years the two women had an on-again, off-again friendship but appeared to make amends in 2019 after Lozada went to Williams’ charity event for cancer in honor of Williams’ mother. Williams’ mom passed away from cancer in 2015.

Things quickly turned sour when Williams was cropped out of a group photo with Lozada and “BBW” cast mate Malaysia Pargo. Williams was also accused of talking badly about Lozada’s daughter, something she later denied.

With season 9 of “BBW” coming to an end, one fan asked Williams why the season was so short. They said, “The season is over already?” Williams confirmed that season 9 was a “pandemic special.” She wrote, “It was more a pandemic special! We will be back season 10 hopefully with some normalcy…”

It is unclear when the new season of “Basketball Wives” will premiere or if it’s in production.

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