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‘I’m Not Gone Get in Your Business Buttttt’: DaniLeigh’s Recent Performance Has Fans Eager for Her to Address Rumors That She’s Expecting

Earlier this month fans began speculating that singer DaniLeigh was expecting a baby with her ex-boyfriend rapper DaBaby after photos from a meet-and-greet featured the star in a red dress looking a little rounder than usual.

On Sunday, March 21, the “Lil Bebe” singer shared a video from a virtual performance, and fans flooded the comment section with even more pregnancy speculations. In the clip, the 26-year-old sported what appeared to be a very revealing blue swimsuit with cut-out brown leather pants, which featured a ruffled skirt around her midriff. Though slightly covered, as Dani danced and moved around, her belly appeared visibly bigger than usual. At one point, she threw on a jacket, seemingly to cover up the sides of her outfit where her belly poked through.

DaniLeigh. @iamdanileigh/Instagram

The post was viewed over 375,000 times. She thanked Stream Live for having her and fans for watching and quickly restricted the comment section. Still, that didn’t stop fans from pointing out that something was up. “She def carrying. 😍😍😍,” one user wrote. Another pressed her to address the rumors, writing, “Just make the pregnancy announcement sis lol.”

“Awww look at how cute her baby bump is 😍😍😍😍😍,” a third wrote. “I’m not gone get in your business BUTTTTTTTT if you are pregnant I can’t wait until you announce it lol 😍,” another user said.

Still, some sympathized with the star who, if actually expecting, would have to deal with her pregnancy in the public eye and possibly be subjected to criticism. “Ik what it feels like when u want ur pregnancy private so 💯, but honey I see ur glow and props for her to still doing her thing while doing so… that is not easy❤️,” one person commented.  

“I just feel like it’s no ones business if she’s pregnant or not, because if she isn’t and it is her just getting thick a lot of y’all are being harsh,” another expressed. “How would you feel if someone said you looked pregnant and you weren’t ? She will let us know on her time leave the woman alone already.”

Dani hasn’t addressed the rumors, nor has she confirmed she and DaBaby are back together. On Feb. 7, the “Easy” singer announced that they had broken up following her colorism scandal. The two began dating in December and have often appeared alongside each other in music videos and have worked on projects together.

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