‘Your Whole Twin’: Fans Are Gushing Over Omarion’s Daughter A’mei Grandberry’s Latest Photo

Omarion’s 5-year-old daughter A’mei Grandberry’s photo from her Beyoncé-themed birthday party on March 16 stopped fans in their tracks after they acknowledged how strong the “Touch” singer’s genes were. In the snapshot, A’mei — whose birthday is March 7 — wore a leopard print shirt with a pink tutu as she held up peace signs. 

Omarion captioned the initial image “#Amei 5” in honor of her fifth birthday celebration. This post came hours after the father of two uploaded a video of A’mei and her friends — dressed in Beyoncé Coachella-inspired attire —posing in front of a “Halo” vocalist poster. In the caption, the 36-year-old thanked those who fulfilled his daughter’s wishes to honor the woman A’mei “loved.”

Omarion’s photo of daughter A’mei Grandberry has fans talking about how strong his genes are. Photo:@omarion/Instagram

“Out of all of the 🐝 day celebrations I’ve had for my baby…This year princess A’mei had to have a @beyonce themed party. She loves Beyoncé like Megaa loves M.J. How fitting 😂🎩. Thank you to @cassiecrumps for getting these young ladies to put on a Beyoncé show for my baby. She loved it!! Also S/O to my sister cousin Kaya & everyone who helped and came thru to enjoy my princess A’mei #5th 💜😄♓️.” Many fans overlooked the initial post and reiterated that A’mei’s physical features strongly resemble Omarion’s.

“Omarion’s genes heavy. She’s beautiful 😍.”

“Woww she got his whole face😍.”

“She’s so cuteeee😍🔥. He looks just like him!”

“Your whole twin 😍😭😍.”

While many people continuously mentioned how much the father-daughter duo share similar features, others were astounded by how much A’mei has grown. One wrote, “Growing up so fast! She’s making my heart crying right now. Pretty self. 😭😭💜💜💜.” An Instagram user wished the 5-year-old a happy birthday. “😍😍😍 omg, she’s getting big!! Happy Birthday baby girl 🎈🎈.”

A’mei has captivated many fans’ attention from the day Omarion introduced her to the world. Her most recent headlining event occurred last year after her father shared a clip of the preschooler alongside her older brother Megaa dancing while the family took a hike. 

In the clip A’mei is seen dancing as if she is riding a surfboard, while Megaa does neck and shoulders isolations. The doting father praised his children’s dancing abilities by captioning the Dec. 18 video, “A’mei with all of the energy you just can’t deny. . That’s my girl. . Megaa just like his papa.” 

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