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‘Is She Doing the Lil’ Kim?’: Omarion Shares Video of His Kids Dancing, Much to the Delight of His Fans

Omarion shared a fun video on Friday, Dec. 18 of his kids Megaa and A’mei dancing while he took them for a hike.

In the clip, A’mei started dancing with her hands to the side in a motion that looked like she was riding a surfboard.

Omarion’s son Megaa showed off by doing neck and shoulder isolations. 

“A’mei with all of the energy you just can’t deny. ✨. That’s my girl. 🤩. Megaa just like his papa. 🎩,” the B2K singer, 36, captioned the video.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star added, “We hike! Get some fresh air always 🌬🙏🏾😁 ✨.”

Fans proceeded to poke fun of A’mei by comparing her to Lil’ Kim.

“Mega dances like Daddy and the little girl dances like lil kim,” one fan commented.

Another said, “Is she doing the Lil Kim or am I bugging?”

One fan added, “Sis was getting her lil kim on 😭😭😭.”

Lil’ Kim has done the dance move over the years at various BET Hip Hop Honors Award shows.

Each time, it gets the meme treatment with fans comparing it to her surfing, holding balance during an earthquake or blocking a basketball player.

The move has even inspired a few TikTok challenges.

Despite people poking fun of the move, she continues to incorporate it into shows.

It’s unclear if Omarion’s daughter was intentionally doing the viral dance move or just freestyling.

As the “LHH: Hollywood” star noted, his son Megaa is “just like his papa” and always grooves with his father.

In 2014, when the now 6-year-old was just a few months old, Omarion stated in an interview with Hip Hollywood that he knew dancing was going to be something he would bond with his son over. 

“Dancing will be our thing. Whether or not he wants to go professional… but that’s going to be our thing,” he declared. “Like every time he come through, ‘Where your eight count at? I need to see it. Let’s go up!’ “

Sure enough, the father-son duo has started practicing choreographed dances.

In October, Omarion shared a fun video as he and Megaa did a routine in their garage to Burn Boy’s song “JA ARA E.”

“Daily ritual. Father & son vibration. This is how we flow for fun,” the singer captioned the clip. “Megaa reminds me to free my inner child. Never loose your inner child. Have some fun ok!”

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