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‘Sounds Like Cancellation to Me’: Evelyn Lozada Claims ‘Basketball Wives’ Has Two More Episodes Left and Will Not Have a Reunion Special, Fans Chime In

Evelyn Lozada told her followers on March 15 via Twitter that season 9 of “Basketball Wives” will not be having a reunion special and has two more episodes left to air, including the one scheduled to broadcast this week.  

Lozada retweeted and responded to a post that said, “@EvelynLozada Ev how many more episodes of BBW we have left before the reunion? I could’ve sworn last week they said we had only a few left. Did I hear wrong?” The mother of two told the follower, “2 more episodes – No reunion.”

Evelyn Lozada tells fans on Twitter that “Basketball Wives” will not be having a reunion special and only has two more episodes left to air. Photo:@evelynlozada/Instagram

A short time later, Lozada reposted the initial caption again and wrote in a now-deleted tweet how relieved she is that the season is coming to an end. She wrote, “Two more episodes including tomorrow-No reunion #ThankGod.” Many people went off in the comment section and claimed this might be the last season of “BBW” because of the lack of plot lines and episodes. 

“They need to cancel this show at this point. Dora the explorer more entertaining than this show…”

“Sounds like cancellation to me 🤔🤐😂.”

“Thank God. I hope they cancel this show after this season.”

“No one is interested in this show anymore not even the cast. Let’s just cancel it.”

“2 more? Didn’t they just air?? this season was wasted money. Make this the last one please!!”

Evelyn Lozada. @evelynlozada/Twitter

As many followers called for a “BBW” cancellation, others claimed that the series would not be having a reunion because of the infamous “colorism” situation with Ogom “O.G.” Chijindu and other “BBW” cast members, including Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal

One said, “They not doing a reunion cause they know they were Deadasss wrong this season, and nobody wants to get called out or take accountably.”

Another wrote, “She was finna get HEAT that’s why she’s happy lol.” 

An Instagram user suggested that there is no reunion because production is trying to make O.G. look bad. “They don’t want a reunion because they tried they hardest to make OG look bad.”

Season 9 of “Basketball Wives” started on Feb. 9, with Lozada talking about how she feared for her safety following the colorism backlash she faced during the season 8 reunion

The model mentioned to “BBW” newbie Feby Torres that she wanted to live in a gated community for more security. She said, “I want more security. Last year [actually 2019], I feel like there was so much going on with O.G. The whole racism conversation started taking a world of its own.”

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