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‘A Stage Full of Cornballs’: Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O’Neal Try to Clear Up O.G.’s Colorism Accusations But Fans Don’t Buy It

Throughout season 8 of “Basketball Wives,” O.G. has been accused of being aggressive, and she alleges the claims arise because of her skin tone.

Barred from the on-stage reunion because “she has taken things too far” on social media with Evelyn Lozada, the retired Legends Football League player informed reunion host Marc Lamont Hill about why she thinks the women have banded against her.

“Everybody gets in arguments, everybody threatens to whup somebody’s ass,” Hill explains at the 1:19 mark. “But she’s the only girl who’s been isolated, she’s the only girl who’s talked about this way. She said she thinks it’s because she’s dark-skinned, she thinks it’s because she’s bigger.”

The remarks caught many of O.G.’s “Basketball Wives” co-stars off guard, and Shaunie O’Neal promptly pointed out that “there’s other brown-skinned women on the stage.”

After Jackie Christie and Kristen Scott backed up the executive producer, she continued, “What is different is that it’s almost every time we film.”

“There’s a scene you guys haven’t even seen before where she was trying to fight Feby,” O’Neal adds. “I got almost pushed through a wall trying to stop O.G. from fighting Feby. She pushed me out the way.”

Additionally, a source informed Bossip that O.G. has been ruffling the feathers of producers and staff behind the scenes. As such, her aggressive storyline has burgeoned from there.

“The aggressive thing didn’t come from nowhere,” the insider claimed. “She caused a huge scene after cussing out TSA at the airport on the way to Costa Rica, THEN she got into a full-blown argument with someone on the plane over a window seat. The aggression storyline stems from a lot of off-camera issues that ended up spilling over onto television.”

The source also alleged O.G. thought up the colorist accusations “to get the fan base’s attention,” adding “she’s been overheard saying that society is extremely sensitive to racism and colorism right now and that’s the narrative she wants to use so the world knows her name.”

Regardless of the report, fans of the show were not feeling the reunion, which also saw CeCe Gutierrez ditch the set after she learned O.G. had been sequestered, and Tami Roman absent. The same Bossip source claimed a medical emergency led Roman not to attend the reunion.

“They keep that b.s. Ass reunion”

“Looks like a snooze fest. Why remove OG if y’all have nothing else to talk about?”

“Boring. Lying. Childish. Petty. Did I say boring. Done watching this mess!”

“A stage full of cornballs except for Jackie 👑”

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