‘Why Did You Bless My Feed Like This?’: Ciara Shows Off Her New Locs with a Photo Shoot and Fans are Left Speechless

Ciara’s latest upload debuting her freshly installed locs on March 9, caused a frenzy among fans after sharing various photos from different angles showcasing the multi-colored hairstyle and her voluptuous figure. In the first image, the mother of three is seen seductively posing as she glares directly at the camera while placing both arms behind her back. 

Another snapshot shows Ciara — who is wearing a black long-sleeve dress donned with a full face and few accessories, including earrings, rings and a necklace — sitting on her knees while gently smiling. The songstress captioned the upload, “LOCk In With Me. 😍.” Many fans were agape over her enchanting look.

Ciara stuns fans with new photos as she debuts her newly installed locs. Photo:@ciara/Instagram

“How is somebody so perfect!?!? 😍.”

“Why did you bless my feed like this!!!!”

“Yesssss queen! I can never choose a fav hairstyle on you. You slay every single one! 😍😍😍😍😍.”

“Forget Mona Lisa..That first pic def deserves to portrait treatment. Sheesh.”

“I love the locs on you😍.”

Ciara. Photo:@ciara/Instagram

While many fans extolled over the “Level Up” singer’s beauty, other people mention her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. One wrote that Wilson tried to impregnate Ciara after the photo shoot. “Russ prolly tried to get her pregnant after the pics, lmaooo.”

Another said, “No she didn’t post that looking like a damn snack. Russell bouta tear that thang up.”

An Instagram user brought up a video of Wilson suggesting that Ciara hurry up and finish breastfeeding her youngest child, Win Harrison Wilson, born last summer. “I see why Russell said Win gotta hurry up and get off the boob 😍😍😍.” 

Last month, Ciara uploaded a video of her husband revealing why he felt the singer should start weaning their 7-month-old son Win off breast milk. 

The mother of three started the clip by asking Wilson, “Babe. What did you say about breastfeeding.” To which the football player responded, “I said it’s time.” He added, while winking, “Time to give it up. I mean he’s old enough. His nutrition’s good; it’s time. You’re being selfish now at this point. No more late nights. You and I, just you and I. Let me feed.” 

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