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Russell Wilson Jokingly Tells Ciara Why He Thinks ‘It’s Time’ to Stop Breastfeeding Their Son Win

Russell Wilson has some opinions about Ciara breastfeeding their son Win Wilson. In a now-deleted Instagram Story video, Russell spoke his mind revealing why he believes Ciara should wean their son.

Obviously, it was a topic that the two lovebirds have discussed before, because the clip starts with Ciara saying, “Babe. What did you say about breastfeeding. You said —” Russell cut her off, continuing the sentence, “I said it’s time.”

Ciara continued, asking, “It’s time what?” Russell said, “Time to give it up.” At this point Ciara is cracking up behind the camera. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback continues, “I mean he’s old enough, his nutrition’s good, it’s time. You’re being selfish now at this point,” he said while winking. Ciara continues laughing, this time letting out a little snort. 

Ciara and Russell Wilson (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

But that was not all. Russell had more to say, adding with a smile, “No more late nights. You and I, just you and I. Let me feed.”

Fans commented on the funny moment. One person, referring to the baby noises in the background and assuming it was Win, said, “Win in the background ‘aht aht not yet daddy’ 😂😂😂 my favs!❤️”

Someone else commented, “Russell’s like the season is over… I don’t currently have anything to do… I wanna feed too. 🤣❤️”

Other people admired how much Russell was able to make his wife laugh. Someone said, “That snort! That’s when you know you in love! Got you snorting laughing and you ain’t even embarrassed!!??!!’

According to World Health Organization, it is appropriate to breastfeed your child exclusively for up to six months, then you can begin to introduce solid foods into their diet “while continuing to breastfeed for up to 2 years and beyond.” 

Ciara and Russell welcomed their second son just seven months ago. They also share a daughter Sienna Wilson, 3, and Future Wilburn, 6, whom Ciara had with rapper Future, but Russell treats him like his own as well.

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