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‘It’s Time Really’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Emanuel Says He’s Switching to a Healthier Lifestyle

Ceaser Emanuel is the latest celebrity to ditch the chips for healthier food options. 

Earlier this week, the “Black Ink Crew” star took to his Instagram page to upload two shirtless photos of himself, seemingly after a gym workout. Viewers could see Ceaser is already off to a good start in adding some muscle definition. The reality star appeared to be well on his way to gaining a six-pack of abs. 

The tattoo boss revealed to fans that he was embarking on a 90-day nutrition and fitness journey with some help from Atlanta-based fitness trainer “Mr. Repz.” “I been playing around, it’s time really CHANGE up…90 day of clean eating & training starting TODAY..Let see where it goes Let’s go,” the reality star wrote in his caption.

Ceaser Emanuel. @ceaserblackink/Instagram

Friends and fans applauded the reality star for taking on such a commitment and sent him some words of encouragement, including his “Black Ink Crew” co-star and cousin Teddy Ruks, who commented, “Keep Pushing Champ You Got This 💪🏾💪🏾.” Another person wrote, “I’m at da same place bro 90 days let’s get it 💯💪🏾💪🏾.”

“You got this may God give you the tenacity to endure❤️,” a third user wrote. Others warned Ceaser that once he started on his path to a healthier life, it would be hard to go back to his old habits. “90 days of clean eating is no turning back. Your body will reject the food you haven’t eaten,” a fourth wrote. “It’s a life style, 🤞 good luck 👍🏽.”

Last October, Ceaser posted a video of himself working on his biceps in preparation for his reality show’s ninth season. “Putting in work with @Mr_repz for season 9 of Black Ink Crew #blackinkcrew #ceaserblackink #blackinkmogul,” he captioned the video.

Ceaser isn’t the only VH1 star working on getting a summer body. “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” stars Ryan Henry, Don Brumfield, and Charmaine Bey have all shared updates from their fitness journeys. 

In January, Ryan shocked fans when he open up about his weight loss journey. Many were surprised to discover that the tattoo boss was ever overweight and even praised him for hiding it so well. Ryan admitted he was hesitant to share the photo showing his more plump figure but changed his mind after some reinforcement from his trainer. 

Ryan Henry. @ryanhenrytattoo/Instagram
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