‘I See the Results!’: Fans Applaud ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Charmaine Bey for Sticking to Her Fitness Journey

Charmaine Bey may not go out like she used to, but that’s not stopping the “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star from going in on her workouts. 

Over the weekend, the radio show host took to her Instagram page, where she shared a clip of herself dressed in gym attire, doing various exercise routines in what appeared to be her home gym. “I only pop out to workout w/ @trainwithmarissa,” the reality star captioned the clip. 

Charmaine Bey Photo: @charmainebey/Instagram

The post garnered over 30,000 likes from fans. Charmaine also restricted the comments, presumably to avoid hurtful remarks. However, fans appeared to be more than supportive of the mommy of one’s fitness journey.

Many people noted that they were already seeing results since the star announced in 2020 that she was aiming for a healthier lifestyle. “Body gone be soo right I see the shape coming in already 😍🔥❤️,” one user wrote, while another person wrote, “I see the results!”

Another person left a sweet comment reassuring Charmaine that she looked gorgeous either way. “Even with the baby weight gain u still look amazing!” the social media user expressed. “It honestly fits u but I totally understand wanting to get it off!❤️.”

A fourth person wrote, “That’s what’s up Charmaine. I like that you didn’t run out and get a nip and tuck and showing your weight loss journey after your baby. I like that you just didn’t pop back out skinny 🙌🙏.” A fifth person wrote, “Looking good! 💕 The hard work is paying off.”

Charmaine has been very transparent about her weight loss battle since welcoming her baby girl Nola Glenda Bey with her husband, Neek Bey. In October 2020, she left an encouraging message for new mothers on her Instagram in which she reminded them always to put their health first. 

“I’m not one of those hot IG models working out but I am a mom who had her baby in quarantine and until more recently I felt like I had my new duty as a mom down packed!” the reality star wrote in her post at the time. “While quarantining was still weighing heavy over my head I put a gym in my home thinking that was going to fix my problem but it didn’t! So I went the extra mile and got a trainer in a private gym during these tough times!”

Charmaine Bey Photo: @charmainebey/Instagram

Bey concluded her statement by saying, “I’m encouraging all moms in my position to figure out what works best for you but remember to put your health first ❤️ #firsttimemom. 

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