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‘Rich and Bored, Huh?’: Keyshia Cole Says She’s Thinking About Reopening Gap Between Her Teeth

These days, Keyshia Cole has her fans reminiscing on the early 2000’s Keyshia — from her singing some of her hit songs during her January 2021 “Verzuz” battle to her rocking her old orange and yellow hair color. But fans are scratching their heads after the R&B singer recently asked them for advice about bringing back another one of her old physical features. On Tuesday, Feb. 23, she took to her Instagram story to upload a casual picture of herself sitting in what looks like a dentist office.

Cole wrote, “Thinking about opening up my gap back! I’m here now!!!! Thoughts.” It was around 2008 when Cole first got her gap closed. Some fans were left confused over why she would want to reopen a tooth gap. One person wrote, “Rich & bored, huh?” Someone else said, “Well why would you wanna do that😂.”

Keyshia Cole (Photo: @keyshiacole/Instagram)

Other people thought it was a good idea for Cole to get her gap back. One supporter wrote, “Yessss that’s when them notes use to slide thru… i fouHound ouhound ouhound ouhound …,” citing lyrics from her 2005 single “Love.”

Someone else wrote, “Should’ve never closed it . That keyshia gave us straight hits 🔥.”

Some people were even wondering why Cole would get her gap closed in the first place, but she has not stated publicly why she decided to do so. However, it may have something to do with the fact that tooth gaps, chips and discolorations are things that some in society have viewed as flaw in a person’s smile and overall look. Plenty of famous people have opted to get veneers to get their perfect smile rather than rock their natural teeth.

Someone else who can relate to closing their gap is entrepreneur and model Jordyn Woods. In an interview with Refinery29, she revealed that she closed her gap in December 2018, but that it was not because she did not like it; she just “wanted to try something new.” Woods did get some backlash from fans who wanted her to keep her gap, especially since she said in 2017 that she wouldn’t close it “to blend in with the rest of society!” In response to the comments, she said, “At the end of the day, you’re the person that has to live with yourself, so do what makes you happy.”

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