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‘It’s Giving Me ‘I Should’ve Cheated”: Keyshia Cole Brings Back Old Hairstyle and Fans Love It

The fans asked and Keyshia Cole delivered. On Feb. 7 the R&B singer’s hairstylist, Jonathan Wright, revealed that Cole went back to her signature early 2000s hairstyle that the fans were begging her for last month. 

Uploading five videos of Cole singing, Wright showed off her ginger hair color with blond highlights in it. Wright designed the hair in a half-up, half-down style and a curly bang. Three of the five videos were of Cole singing her 2005 single “I Should’ve Cheated,” which is fitting because she wore the ginger-and-blond hairstyle in the song’s music video. 

Keyshia Cole brings back old hairstyle. iam_jonathan/Instagram_

He wrote, “@keyshiacole Today Baybayyyy I brought that Old Keyshia Backk 🔥🔥🔥Stopppppp Playing with Me😍 Drop a 🔥🔥🔥 if you Love. Mua @makeupbygriselda 🔥.”

Fans grew nostalgic after watching Cole flaunt her new hairstyle. 

One person wrote, “Yassssssss! Bring back that ‘I changed my mind’ Cole! Baybayyyyyyyyy! Let me go play that album & get in my feelings,” while someone else said, “Yes this is IT 🔥🔥🔥 the old KEYSHIA.”

“It’s giving me “I should’ve cheated” keyshia 😩😍😍,” said another.

(L) Keyshia Cole from “I Should Have Cheated” video circa 2005. (R) Keyshia Cole 2021. Screenshot/ YouTube @iam_jonathan_

But a few other fans felt the hair was not enough to bring back the old Cole and added that in order to do that she would “need her gap back 😩.” The 39-year-old used to have a diastema but has since gotten it closed.

More followers were seemingly still holding a grudge with the mother of two about the “Verzuz” battle. One wrote, “You SHOULDVE brought this look and this energy to the verszus battle 🙄 but she cute,” and another said, “Why didn’t u show up like this to the verzus?! 😩 I was rooting for u! we all were rooting for u *tyra v*.”

During the Jan. 21 “Verzuz” battle with Ashanti, Keyshia made quite a few fans upset with her tardiness and “attitude.” After the event had to be rescheduled twice, viewers were very eager for the battle to begin, but Cole did not appear on camera until over an hour after it started. Not only that, but fans could tell something was off with Cole’s mood. She later explained that it was due to some technical difficulties that she was late, but it seems not everyone has forgiven her.

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