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‘They Better Recognize’: Fans Hype Up Heiress Harris After She Shows Confidence In Her New Glasses Look

T.I. and Tiny’s daughter Heiress Harris has a little sass to her and is showing it off to the world in her latest video. Tiny uploaded a cute video on Feb. 22 of her daughter showing her fans how she looks with her glasses and clapping back at those that don’t like it.

She said, “Everyone thinks I am not cute without my glasses.” Then she says, “Everyone thinks I am not cute with my glasses. Girl my mom thinks I’m cute with my glasses. So boom chicka b—” she said, cutting herself off at the end.

Tiny Harris
Heiress Harris and Tiny Harris. (Photo: @majorgirl/Instagram)

Tiny wrote, “A lil laughter for your morning since it’s #HeiressMondays per @tinysukryders 💚 Hope u have a Blessed Day!! 👑💜😂 Subscribe #HeiressDoesItAll YouTube channel,” encouraging fans to support her second daughter’s YouTube channel.

Fans instantly gave Heiress some words of encouragement, despite it seeming like she did not need any. One person said, “Your cute with or without your glasses baby girl💚 mini stunner 💚 gets it from her mama💅🏽.” Someone else wrote, “Love her!!! That’s right!! You are cute with or without your glasses. They better recognize. ❤️❤️❤️😍.”

Other fans were focused on the phrase she said at the end of the video blasting those who said she did not look good with or without the glasses. One fan wrote, “It’s tha ‘boom chicka boom’ at the end for me😍😍you better let em know Heiress ❤️❤️❤️😂.” Another fan said, “So Boom Chica Boom ok ok ok! Who cares what they think but Heiress was about to read ok 😮😂😂😂 ‘girl’ lol.”

Heiress has been capturing the hearts of her fans for a few years now. Even at just 4 years old, fans already cannot get enough of her. What really made people fall in love with her was her vocabulary and how well she could speak when she first learned to and how well she can sing. Like many people have said, she is on her way to being a star.

Heiress is Tiny and T.I.’s youngest child. Between their children together and their previous relationships, they have seven children total.

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