‘A Heartfelt Cringe’: DaBaby Causes a Divide Among Fans After Posting Daughter Lying in a Pile of Money

Rapper DaBaby shared a moment of quality time with his daughter that raised the eyebrows of some fans. In an Instagram post on Oct. 24, he uploaded a series of pictures of him and his daughter lying in a pile of 100-dollar bills. While DaBaby sports a red-and-tan button-up shirt, his daughter is rocking a lavender, blue and glittery dress with royal blue bows in her hair.

“Certified Princess maker,” reads the caption of the photo.

DaBaby with his daughter @dababy/Instagram

Fans showed their support of the rapper being there and hanging out with his daughter.

One commenter wrote, “He’s a great father.”

Another person added, “Black dads matter!!”

A fan of DaBaby’s typed, “He treats her like a real princess lol their stories be the cutest.”

Someone else said, “their bond is adorable.”

Despite the positive comments of the 28-year-old musician being a good dad, there were people who served up their critiques as well. Several people took issue with DaBaby allowing his daughter to lie face-first in the pile of money.

Photo: @dababy/Instagram

One person wrote, “Poe child…surrounded by nothing but germs.”

Another said, “Imagine living in the middle of a pandemic and rich people are laying in contaminated money.”

Others pointed out that it was just plain old “unsanitary.”

Some people tried to give the “Suge” rapper the benefit of the doubt or flat-out side with him.

“A heartfelt cringe..but those could very well be freshly printed moneys,” said one commenter.

Someone else wrote, “Somehow people still find a way to hate y’all miserable man.”

Another person, who seemed to be annoyed by the conversation, wrote, “okay it isn’t sanitary we get it please stop.”

DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, has one daughter, 2, with his off-and-on girlfriend, MeMe. Back in February, he confirmed on social media that he had another “blessing” on the way after MeMe exposed him by posting text messages from a conversation with another woman.

A due date wasn’t publicly known.

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