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‘Can I Get In On That?’: LeBron James Hints at a Career In Music, But It’s Not What You Think

There is no denying NBA All Star LeBron James‘ skills on the basketball court, but the baller’s plans to test the waters of the music industry has some people wondering “why?”

Talk of the four-time NBA championship winner and music began circulating the web when he tweeted in part, “My love for music is INSANE!!! I think I’m going to do a album.” He further clarified his intentions by stating that he would not be rapping but instead possibly be the person to help, in some capacity, those with talent get their music to the masses. 

LeBron James says his love for music is deep, but at the same time he knows that rapping isn’t among his list of talents. (Photo: @kingjames/Instagram)

Regardless of what comes of the 36-year-old “thinking out loud,” his fans, and some naysayers, were quick to jump on Twitter to share their thoughts.

“I think he should not make music and instead make a Record label.”

“Can I get in on that? Some unsigned hype never hurt nobody lol”

“LeBron you can’t rap I’ve seen your Instagram stories.”

“Ayeee Quit playing and start the record label”

In 2019 the Ohio native served as A&R for rapper 2 Chainz’s album “Rap Or Go To The League.” The baller also has a history of sharing snippets of himself rapping on social media. In fact, several people who reminded LeBron to keep his sights on winning another NBA championship poked fun at some of the moments he has shared to social.

In the event LeBron were to change his mind and take a serious stab at rapping, he would be in good company, considering Shaq, Kobe Bryant and Dywane Wade have all dabbled in lyricism.

An added bonus is that at least one rapper is hoping to one day feature the baller on a record.

“His voice is nice. I feel like if I gave him what I wanted him to say on a track, it would go smoothly. Like a intro or just like chant something and go into my part. I think that s–t would be fire. Hell yeah,” rapper Trippie Redd told XXL in July 2018.

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